My Unpopular Opinions

Greetings! Just a week ago, I was watching honest's "Unpopular Opinions" video on YouTube, and not only did I find it entertaining, but also it was quite refreshing. His video especially got me thinking how we, as people, have lost the ability to form our own opinions, let alone not speaking what we believe at …

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Ask Me Questions!

Greetings, bloggers! Not too long ago, I hit over 2000 follows on WordPress. It's rather surreal to believe that it happened, especially after blogging for over three years now on this site. As a big thank you to all of those who follow "The Finicky Cynic," I plan to do a Q&A as a way to …

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A Letter To F.C.

A heartwarming (and funny!) letter from one of my favorite bloggers. Thanks for the dedication, Paul!

The Captain's Speech

Dear F.C.

If you’re reading this, it means I was finally able to mail this letter without a dog intercepting it at the mailbox and chewing on it as if it were a leftover pork chop with a strong scent of BBQ sauce. 

This is attempt number ten. Which means nine times out of ten, a dog will eat a letter I’m trying to send out to Los Angeles. Math!

How was that for a fancy transition? Speaking of fancy, and transitions, what’s it like living in Los Angeles. Is it as glamorous as the fake smiles on talk shows? Have you ever seen a celebrity in person? Does everyone want to be famous? Do they sell glue sticks?

From three time zones away, Los Angeles looks like a warm place. And by warm, I mean the weather. Snow isn’t that bad, you guys should try it out some time! 


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