Contagion (2011): Film Review

I am by no means a film critic, nor do I even regularly watch films-- if I'm lucky, I watch about 10 films a year, perhaps one or two of them in theaters. Since getting temporarily laid off from work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I've since had a lot of free time to catch …

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Life Update: I Have a Job!

Hello, all! It has been almost two months since I updated you about my life after France. Since returning home to the U.S. in mid-July (and with my overseas work contract officially ended in August), I had spent an agonizing 1-2 months on the job hunt. I expressed my frustrations and despair in my last …

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I Used Two Dating Apps for a Day (and here’s what happened)

Valentine's Day is here, and I found it appropriate to write about my thoughts on dating and relationships through the example of today's ubiquitous dating apps. Hope you enjoy it! Growing up as a Millennial in the mid-to-late 2000's meant that I saw the shift from flip-phones to smartphones, along with the apps that came …

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Why I Don’t Identify as a Feminist (as a woman)

Yup, that's true. Sounds like a scandal that might blow up-- after all, why would a cis-woman like myself refuse to fight for women's rights in the 21st century? Surely, she must not believe in giving a voice to women, let alone support "girl power," in general? That she finds the patriarchy justifiable, and that …

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“A Series of Unfortunate Events” Season 2: A Review

Greetings! Just last week, I came around to finishing the second season of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events. As I'd watched the first season last summer and enjoyed it, I was keen on the next season. It was interesting, because I'd heard absolutely nothing about when the second season would begin-- I don't even …

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Single Awareness Day (aka Anti-Valentine’s Day)

Happy Valentine’s Day! (or “GALentine’s Day,” for that matter…) ❤

The Finicky Cynic


It’s been a while since I’ve posted something rant-worthy, and today happens to be the perfect occasion! So let’s get started, shall we?

Valentine’s Day, ah Valentine’s Day…

February 14th, let alone the entire February month, is just saturated with the concept of love: roses, the color pink, couples, candle-lit dinners, chocolates, kisses, and…sex. Yup, always comes down to the down-n’-dirty, no matter how you look at it.

The day also marks a hot mess of romantic and romantic-comedy films, and– just my luck!– this year, the holiday auspiciously falls on a Saturday (the perfect date night!). Okay, okay I admit, there are a handful of rom-coms out there that are decent. But then again, there are a shit-ton that are just finger-curling cheesy. Just melting (oozing!) with mozzarella (what is that movie called that’s coming out? Fifty Shades of Grey?). Man, I can’t stand ’em. I don’t understand…

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Why You Should Watch Season 3 “Black Mirror” (and *SPOILER FREE* Review!)

Hello, bloggers! Normally, I don't watch television, as I don't subscribe to Netflix, let alone have a television at home. Even the times when I *rarely* watch shows, I usually don't get hooked on them. With the few exceptions like Fresh Off the Boat or, more recently, Wynonna Earp from earlier this year, nothing has really interested me enough to …

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