Best Thing I Ever Ate (Asian Edition!)

Hello, there! Besides being an avid traveler, I'm also a massive foodie. From all of the countries that I've been to so far in my life, I can say that, aside from iconic monuments and sweeping natural landscapes, the different cuisines which I'd tried still remain in my fondest memories. Personally, I believe travel and …

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two-by-two: Part 2 (poem)

(If you haven't seen Part 1 of the poem yet, check it out here. Enjoy part two!) two-by-two (for Osaka) a nameless face (or faceless name?) serves ramen between stalls made for solitude in Shinsaibashi the evening outside smells of rain pouring into streets washes the market clean of tourists run for cover before we soak …

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TRAVEL Theme of Our Growing Edge, July 2016 Round-Up.

Hey, folks!

Just a quick post to let you know that one of my travel posts has been featured on Cooking Trips’ blog page! Recently, I had participated in a guest post for another blog, Our Growing Edge, during the month of July, where I submitted one of my pieces for their consideration!

Give it a go here! Thanks for your support! 🙂


Hosting the TRAVEL theme of Our Growing Edge of the month of July 2016 has been a great and rewarding experience. I do encourage everyone of you foodies and amateur cooks to participate in the monthly events, and/or why not get in touch with Genie, discuss a possible theme, and apply to be the next host! This is such a great way to meet new bloggers and share experiences, I loved it, and above all I am very happy that this month’s theme gathered so many of you together. In total, foodies, we gathered 28 posts! Wow !!! Let’s now see what you guys shared with us.

To kick start this month’s event, I’ve actually decided to participate myself too and post on my blog. I traveled to NYC last Spring, and ate an amazing Connecticut-Style Lobster Roll which I decided to try and recreate at home with a twist, this…

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Destination: Shinkansen Bullet Train and Miho Museum, Japan

Hello, again!/こんにちは! Continuing with my adventures in Japan this summer, this post will be a shorter one from the others, as there was one point during the eight-day journey that was really nothing but a transitional moment for us to get from one destination to another-- Tokyo and Kyoto-- considering that they aren't very geographically …

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