Notes on a Belated Father’s Day

It's the day after Father's Day, and I'm just getting around to writing about it. I blame myself partially for not writing in advance to be scheduled on the day, and I partially blame the fact that I was traveling, i.e. not having the time to do so. In any case, I'm writing about Father's …

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Mother’s Day 2019 (and update)

Today is Mother's Day, and this marks the second year in a row that I'm not home to celebrate it with my mom. This is due to the fact that I'm based in France for work, as I've been for the past four years. Considering that my job doesn't wrap up until the end of …

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Father’s Day

Thoughts on my father, the man who has raised me to who I am today. Happy Father’s Day!

The Finicky Cynic

Phil Dunphy- best television dad EVER. Phil Dunphy- best television dad EVER.


Also known as the “underrated” parent. Commonly referred to as the breadwinner for the family, that guy in the suit and tie, the workaholic. Raising their sons on sports and cars, raising their daughters on tenderness and buying them cars for their Sweet Sixteens.

Granted, those aspects are traditional ones, and still remain solidly rooted in our world, particularly Western society’s, today. Little has changed. However, I read in Spiegel, one of Germany’s news magazines, not too long ago on the prospective rise of stay-at-home dads in Germany, particularly those who work in firms. According to the subheading of the article, “Men are demanding more flexible working conditions in order to balance work and family burdens, forcing big changes in corporate culture.” You can find the link to the article here: Corporate Wake-Up Call: German Dads Demand Family Time

Anyway, I found that article…

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A Week in Los Angeles (Food Edition, Part 3)!

Hey there, folks! Since returning to Los Angeles from my eight-month stint in Europe, I have surprised myself by going out quite often around the city, mainly for food. Seriously, I had been missing lots of different types of food while abroad, from the umami-filled Japanese tsukemen (dipping noodles) to the local and absolutely-amazing ice cream shop just …

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