Done with the Semester (almost!)

Although it's only about two months worth, it's pretty great that I've managed to survived this semester, especially a lot better compared with last year's. Granted, two months of teaching isn't really that long, but if you particularly have first-year university students, it can feel like it drags at times. Compared with last year's spring …

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7 Types of Students in Class

Hello, folks! So having been a teacher for several years now, I can say that I've had plenty of experiences dealing with all sorts of different students. From the good to the bad, I've had them all. While at times many of them make me want to pull my hair out in frustration, there are …

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Graduation: A Year Later!

In honor of graduation week, here are my thoughts (two years later)!

The Finicky Cynic

Hello, my lovely bloggers! ❤

Today’s date (June 12th, 2016) marks the one-year anniversary of my college graduation (for a recap of last year’s ceremonies, check it out here). Like many already or soon-to-be graduates of universities all over the country, I once walked in the ceremony– cap, gown, sash galore– shook the hand of the department head, and sat in the not-so-comfortable seats while listening to the one, two-hour speeches of the guest speakers who most likely were called not only because of their wealth and status in society, but also for their *generous* monetary contribution to the academic institution (think donations).

My graduation ceremony. #throwback My graduation ceremony. #throwback

…yeah. I did all of that.

It is crazy to believe that it has only been a mere twelve months since I have graduated from higher education. For some of you who have been out of school for years, even decades…

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Teaching in France: The French School System (Revisited)

Bonjour! Welcome to another post in the "Teaching in France" series, as I recount my personal experiences teaching and dealing with the school system in France (so far). Now, I have written a post not too long ago that compared the differences between the French school system with that of the U.S.'s (which you can …

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What’s Your Name?? (Comment tu t’appelles??)

Bonjour! 😉 Now, having lived in France for several months, I have come across many French people (of course). From my students to my colleagues to random people on the street, I have met a good amount of individuals during my time here. So far, that is. That being said, meeting these people and continuing to …

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