Flo Rida & 99 Percent– Cake (Song Sunday #9)

Happy Sunday, folks! Taking this week's song back a year ago to Flo Rida and 99 Percent's collab "Cake." Simple, but catchy in its structure, it's an easy-going dance song to enjoy yourself while at the club or at a house party. https://youtu.be/rmuudxyM0t4 Admittedly, I shared this song in one of my posts earlier this …

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Loic Nottet– Million Eyes (SSJ #67)

Hello, bloggers! It's been ages since the last "Sunday Slow Jam" (back in November-- wow!), but now it's back! This week, I'm sharing with you my current music obsession, which is "Million Eyes" by Loïc Nottet, a Belgian singer and dancer who had won the Belgium The Voice in 2014. https://youtu.be/68EnJITH-5Q Beginning with soft, echoing …

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My High School Prom

In honor of this year’s Prom, my thoughts!

The Finicky Cynic

Hey, folks!

With the end of school coming up for many high school students in the United States, I thought that I would share a classic, American tradition to bring in the end of the term with you- namely, high school Prom.

Taken from riverweststories.org

Now, I have written on this subject in a previous blog post, but from the *rather opinionated* perspective of gender roles, old-fashioned traditions, and overall the over-ratedness of it all. You can read it here: Prom: Overrated?!

For the sake of this post, though, I am deciding to write from a different perspective, specifically, that of my own personal experience attending my high school Prom “back in the day” (okay, so it was *only* five years ago, but I still can’t believe that time has already passed by so quickly!).

So, where to start…I suppose one can start with the whole “asking someone to Prom” business, which in itself…

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Not a Bad Thing (Cover)- JR Aquino (SSJ #14)

Happy Sunday, everyone! Today's "Sunday Slow Jam" features one of my favorite songs...EVER! Covered by the amazingly-talented JR Aquino (an artist whom I'd featured in a previous "Sunday Slow Jam"), "Not a Bad Thing" continues to make me swoon- even to this day! 🙂 Now, I won't deny that the original song by Justin Timberlake is …

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