Travel 101: How to Survive Airplane Flights!

Hello, there! Although I have been in France for almost three weeks now, it is never too late to give some advice on the traveling process! 🙂 Face it: we know how airplane rides can be long and testing, especially if we are taking flights overseas. As an avid traveler, I have many times experienced the …

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Things I Like/Dislike About Paris

Hello, bloggers! After my second time visiting Paris, I can say that my views of the city are rather...mixed. I have alluded to this before, and even discussed my reasons in my posts on the city, but for today I would like to share with you the things that I like and dislike about Paris. …

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How to Survive College! (The Finicky Cynic Edition)

Advice on how to survive college! Take notes, folks!

The Finicky Cynic


As you may know, I have recently graduated from college and, with the so-called “profound knowledge” that I have accumulated over the past four years, I thought that I would offer a few good tips for those still attending, or just about to begin college. You know, as a way to get by during these next crazy years as a young adult. 😛

Just a heads up that this post will be super long (at least, longer than usual), and is by no means a comprehensive list. But all of them are based, in part, on my personal experiences, and I hope that you can find some of them relevant to your own lives.

Without further ado, let’s get to it! 😀

1. Freshmen 15 is REAL. Face it, folks: your body at sixteen will not be same than when you’re twenty-two. All of those couch-potato, potato-chip eating days that you…

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Things I Learned in College: Clubs and Organizations

Hello, and welcome back to another post from the "Things I Learned in College" series. Clubs. Organizations. Meetings. Besides being a full-time student, attending classes and doing schoolwork and all, we college students are also involved in club activities on the side. Sometimes, I feel like they are a "second school," or something. Because the …

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