Destination: Ushuaia, Argentina (Part 1)

Ushuaia (oo-SWAI-uh) is the southernmost point of Argentina, as well as in the world. It’s no wonder that it’s nicknamed “The End of the World.” It’s a small city of about 100,000 residents, being the prime location for access to the famous Tierra del Fuego National Park, as well as to Antarctica. While I didn’t have time to visit Antarctica on this trip, I still had a wonderful time in Ushuaia during my two-night stay there.

Following my time in Puerto Madryn, I caught my next flight down to Ushuaia. The flight took about two hours, and soon enough, I arrived in Ushuaia in the early evening. But given that it was springtime and at the southernmost point of the world, the sun didn’t set until past 21:30, even 22h00, which was incredible! All the more time to enjoy the beautiful, natural views of this part of the world. ❤

It was raining a bit upon landing and during the drive to my hotel, but thankfully, the weather cleared up by the time I checked in and got dinner at the hotel. And let me tell you: the hotel I stayed at was INCREDIBLE– honestly, it was on-par with the one I stayed at in Buenos Aires! The hotel was far out from the city center (about 7 km), but it was right by the water with stunning views of the Tierra del Fuego’s lush vegetation surrounding it all. Not only were the views sublime, but also the hotel’s architecture was gorgeous: lots of floor-to-ceiling glass to allow as much sunlight in (as well as the views) and plenty of clean, simple lines that are reflective of the minimalist, Scandinavian architecture (like what you see in IKEA), but with that added warmth of a cozy winter lodge. My room was facing the water, so the views were RIGHT. THERE. I absolutely fell in love, and I would go back to Ushuaia just to stay in that hotel!



Like with Puerto Madryn, my hotel in Ushuaia was too far from the city center to head out for dinner, so I decided to also dine in the hotel restaurant. The restaurant also had gorgeous views looking out to the water, and I found the food selection to be fancy and delightful: I ordered the recommended local black hake (fish) on my first night in and, paired with a delicate white wine, it was rich, fatty, tender, juicy, and an incredible first meal to my time in Ushuaia. Still dream about that meal to this day. ❤


The following morning was my first day of sightseeing Ushuaia: my tour picked me up at 8h30 and, along with a dozen of other tourists (a even split of Argentines and foreigners, including a nice couple from Texas), we headed out to the Tierra del Fuego National Park for a modest, four-mile hike along the beautiful Beagle Channel. The hike wasn’t too challenging, and the scenery was lush and gorgeous all around: got to see a bit of everything, from turquoise waters to snow-capped mountains (which actually belong to Chile) to verdant beech trees in the woods. Really, Tierra del Fuego has a bit of everything in nature!



Three hours later, we completed our hike, and we got picked up for a simple, but lovely lunch inside dome tents, a first for me. The afternoon was spent canoeing on the Beagle Channel; I’m by no means an experienced canoer, but I did my best! It was a 90-minute activity, and we eventually docked on the other side of the channel, where we were picked up and taken back to Ushuaia, where we were dropped off at our respective hotels. I ended the tour at 17h00, and got dinner again at my hotel’s restaurant– this time, I opted for sorrentinos, an Argentine-style ravioli which was simple, but tasty. Tired, I retired to my room, as I needed to wake up early the next morning for another excursion in Ushuaia.



More of my adventures in Ushuaia to come soon. Until then! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Destination: Ushuaia, Argentina (Part 1)

  1. Your hotel looks ideal, perfectly modern by the sea. Quite different from the pioneer atmosphere of downtown Ushuaia where the slope is as challenging as the wind.

    1. rebbit7

      Absolutely! One of the most-beautiful places I’ve stayed in ever. The hills in Ushuaia aren’t too killer, but they do offer a decent workout!

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