Back From Vacation (and happy December)!


I’m back from my long trip! I’ve been home for about a week now, and in that time, I’ve been resting at home (to recover from COVID, which sadly I got during my vacation) and otherwise returning to work. Despite getting COVID, the symptoms weren’t too bad, and I’ve since recovered. I had a wonderful trip nevertheless, as it was my first international trip since 2019: I went to… Argentina! I spent two weeks all over the country, going north to south and back to north. Also added in little trips to Brazil and Uruguay. I’d been meaning to visit Argentina for so long, as it’d been on my bucket list since forever, and I’m glad I finally got to go. The trip also made me realize just how badly I missed travel, and I hope to go on more overseas trips in 2023.

I’ll be recapping my trip on this blog in due course, but until then, I hope your December is off to a good start, as we round out the last of the 2022 year. Stay tuned! 🙂

20221116_121654Tierra del Fuego, Argentina (November 2022)

— The Finicky Cynic

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3 thoughts on “Back From Vacation (and happy December)!

  1. Argentina, great! I can’t wait to see where in Argentina. Buenos Aires is one of my favourite cities, maybe because coming from Toronto, BA reminds me of Paris more than America. I also loved Ushuaia, and there are so many other beautiful places in the Cordillera. Uruguay, I bet for Colonia and Brazil for Iguazu!

    1. rebbit7

      Yes, Argentina! You also guess correctly on the destinations in Uruguay and Brazil (almost like you’ve been following my IG, haha!). Can’t wait to share the adventures very soon!

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