The Captain’s Quiz 8: Summer Side Up

It has been a minute since Paul from The Captain’s Speech created a quiz, and I was incredibly happy to see that one’s back! With the summer sadly ending, this quiz is the perfect way to commemorate it, before transitioning into the cooler swing of things for fall. Without further ado, here are my answers:


1. You are going camping at a campground for four days and three nights. Does this excite you, or fill you with dread? Explain.

Dread all the way! I do not like camping whatsoever. Particularly due to being out in the wilderness (without running water or A/C, and with mosquitos. Lots and lots of mosquitos). I’m a clean freak, and I don’t think I could survive even a night without a hot shower. Nope, nope, nope.

2. They say that, “Sally sells seashells by the seashore”. How much money do you think Sally makes on a Saturday in July, and do you think her business should be set up elsewhere?

On average, I’d say in the ballpark of $700-1000. She probably sells a seashell ranging from $5 to $60 a piece, depending on the size and rarity of the seashell. Most customers are families with little children or women (usually in their 40’s and up) with money who want to splurge on seashells for jewelry. July is peak seashell season, as it’s summer break and everyone’s out at the beach. Sally gets anywhere from 100 to 150 customers who come into her store, often to peruse the options, but also to actually purchase a trinket or a large piece for domestic (sometimes even international) shipping. Sally really hustles in the summer!

3. The ideal temperature for sleep is approximately 18°C (65°F). What are five tips you have for staying cool while sleeping?

1. Sleep without a blanket (or at least, a light one that half covers your body).

2. Blast the A/C.

3. Stick ice cubes inside of a sock and put it on your stomach.

4. Sleep in boxers.

5. Keep the windows open.

4. In Season 4 of The O.C., Summer Roberts adopts a pet rabbit and names her Pancakes. What animal would you adopt and what breakfast food would you name it after?

I would absolutely adopt a penguin and name it Benedict (after Eggs Benedict)!

5. SummerSlam is an annual professional wrestling event produced by the WWE. Thinking of yourself as a wrestler, provide the following information: your wrestling name, your character traits, your catchphrase, and the name of your most devastating maneuver.

Wrestling name: Maxed-Out Bex (Bex is my nickname in real life)

Character traits: Quick and light as a feather, but with arms that can put you in a Death Grip

Catchphrase: Wax On, Maxed Out!

Devastating Maneuver: The Bex Attax(TM) (attacks), in which I slam full force into the opponent and knock them to the ground

6. What is a frozen dessert you enjoy eating outside? On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the messiest), how messy is it?

Turkish ice cream (in a cup). Specifically rose and lavender flavors, my favorites. Definitely a 2-3, as it’s contained in a cup and, depending on how much the scooper stacks the ice cream, only a little bit would melt off the sides…but you would notice and catch it in time to lick it off!

7. You are standing in an above ground swimming pool and your sunglasses fall to the bottom. How do you retrieve them?

I would first check out the pool’s marking to see at what depth it fell (3 feet? 6 feet?). I’d then reach for my trusty swim goggles, as there’s no way I can open my eyes underwater without being burned alive by chlorine. And, with a reassuring breath, I’d dive right in!

8. “Walking on Sunshine” is an upbeat song by Katrina And The Waves. What songs would be on your summer playlist?

“These Are the Days” by Van Morrison, “2010” by Kbubs, and “Carry Me” by Kygo.

9. What are the pros and cons of patio dining?

Pros: fresh air, vitamin D, good lighting for photos, and the overall “vibe” (as the youths call it).

Cons: potential wind/rain, traffic noise, bugs everywhere!

10. What is a summer job you have had and how long did you remain friends/in-touch with your co-workers after the job ended?

I did freelance writing for about five months (May-September) when I was in college. As it was all virtual, I didn’t interact with coworkers and did not remain in contact with them afterwards. Nothing too exciting, honestly!


1. You have entered the food truck business. Tell me about your new venture and your strategy to dominate the market.

Imagine this: homemade pies with CBD/marijuana. I’m by NO means a CBD or marijuana user (and probably never will), but you can’t not enjoy a cleverly-named food truck called “High on Pie.” Definitely never been done before and, as weed is legal in California, I’m positive that this never-been-done-before food truck is sure to be a big hit with college students and stoners looking for that perfect blend of doing weed AND satisfying their munchies at the same time.

2. You are going on a summer road trip and can take one person with you. It can be absolutely anyone. Tell me about the trip.

It’d be an extended, three-day weekend getaway to the Central California coast. I’d go with my partner, as it’d be the first time we are traveling together, and to see how this all goes. I’d offer to drive the whole way and back, but my partner would insist on sharing the driving duties and we would compromise on each person driving one-way there and one-way back. It’d be a hotel room overlooking the sea, and it’d be a relaxing weekend strolling the beach during the daytime and enjoying a lovely dinner at night in town. Cozy, tranquil, and a way to get to know each other more. ❤

3. What are some of your favorite summer memories?

I remember hanging out with my friend M during the summer we were 13 years old. Usually, it’d start off in the late morning/early afternoon with tennis (I’d be terrible at it, but still play) before returning to her house’s backyard to drink lemonade and to catch butterflies until early evening. Simple times, but some of my favorite, nostalgic memories to be had.

May the best person win!

— The Finicky Cynic

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2 thoughts on “The Captain’s Quiz 8: Summer Side Up

  1. Thanks for participating once again! Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond.

    Maybe I should get into the seashell business, Sally is raking in the dough.

    Sticking ice cubes in a sock and putting them on my stomach is something I have never thought of doing. Wow. What a smart idea!

    A penguin named Benedict…I can already picture it. He’s wearing a bowtie and everything.

    Enjoyed reading your answers, as always! Results should be up soon.

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