Destination: Torrey Pines State Reserve, California

Our first stop in the San Diego area during our trip in June was at Torrey Pines, a natural reserve that’s dedicated to the preservation of the eponymous Torrey Pine tree. We only spent a morning here doing our usual loop through the trails (with views overlooking the ocean) before making our way down to the glittering, black-ish sand to walk by the water and then ascending to the esplanade on our way back to our car (metered parking about a quarter-mile away from the beach/hike entrance.

Compared to our trip last year, this year’s trip to Torrey Pines was thankfully sunny and blue skies. Absolutely beautiful for a hike and for admiring everything, but not-so-great for getting horribly sunburnt on my face– which absolutely happened. I admit, it was my fault I did not apply sunscreen beforehand; I’d foolishly assumed we wouldn’t be outside too long, but we ended up being out for practically the entire day! Well, you live and you learn…

Here are some photos from Torrey Pines. Enjoy! ❤




— The Finicky Cynic

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