Destination: San Diego, California (2022 Edition, Part 3)

On our final day in San Diego, we spent time driving around town to check out different spots along the coastline. We started off at Coronado, an island off of San Diego’s coast (but it’s still part of the city) to check out the eponymous hotel, a large, wooden hotel that dates back to 1888. It’s beautiful inside and out, and I can imagine it must be expensive to spend even a night inside!


After a quick stroll along the beach, we returned to San Diego proper where we next hit the Sunset Cliffs. Although we went in the morning (and not at sunset), the coastline was absolutely gorgeous– the sea was a deep, turquoise blue, and the dramatic, jagged cliffs alongside it made for excellent views. I hope to return to capture them at sunset!


It was then a matter of going out to the very end of Point Loma, a peninsula that’s home to the Cabrillo National Monument, the Old Point Loma Lighthouse, and a few hiking trails with endless views of the Pacific Ocean and Coronado Island. Granted, we arrived at peak hours, so it easily took 15 minutes just to get to the entrance to pay the $20 admission fee (by cash). Honestly, Point Loma wasn’t much to write home about: the views were lovely, but the sites to check out just didn’t impress us. All the same, it was fascinating to have visited the peninsula where the first European settlers had stepped foot on in California.


Our final stop was at Liberty Public Market, an indoor food court that’s home to dozens of international eateries, from Argentinian to Japanese to even southern Cajun food. We opted for Argentinian empanadas (sweet and savory), along with some gourmet Belgian waffles. And of course, we had to grab some coffee before we left San Diego for good. All the food was delicious and very filling– I’d return to check out more!




Although that was it for our time in San Diego proper, I will also share with you our short visit to La Jolla in my next post. Stay tuned! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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2 thoughts on “Destination: San Diego, California (2022 Edition, Part 3)

  1. The first picture is quite impressive, this big palace with such a complex architecture, it reminds me of the chateaux built by the railway companies in Canada.

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