4th of July 2022

Source: WHNT

Today’s Independence Day in the US, which means a day of barbecue and fireworks for Americans. For me, it’s a day off from work (thank goodness!).

Given the not-so-great news from the past couple of weeks (*ahem Roe v. Wade being overturned), it makes me wonder if the United States, my home country, is truly the land of the free. It really feels as if we’re regressing, and it’s scary to see what’s been going on since the pandemic– heck, even way before that. While it still remains a first-world country, the US seems to become a third-world for many, especially with millions in poverty and/or those who haven’t recovered from the pandemic. The wealth gap continues to grow, and I wonder if things will get so bad that I might have (or want to) move out. I mean, I’d lived abroad prior to this, and I just might choose to do so again…we’ll have to see.

Any case, I’ll be enjoying this long weekend, and I hope for all of you that everything’s well, to stay safe and have faith that things will get better during these tough times. ❤

— The Finicky Cynic

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