Destination: Big Sur, California (Part 1)

Wrapping up the short, three-day weekend trip in central California, my dad and I took a day trip to Big Sur, where we spent time driving along the scenic Highway 1 and exploring a few of its notable sites. It was a long drive from where we were staying, and although weather wasn’t completely in our favor for most of it, we still had a lovely time seeing what’s considered some of the most beautiful parts of California.


We woke up early to be out the door by 7h40. It was foggy and slightly drizzly as we made the drive up. Our plan was to hit five, different spots in Big Sur, and the first stop was at the very end point of the route: Bixby Creek Bridge. We would visit it first before turning around and hitting the other spots on our way back. Logic was less tourists would be at the bridge (as it’s a famous spot) and by starting early, we could avoid the crowds.

The drive to Bixby Bridge took about two-and-a-half hours, and we soon arrived. There were perhaps two other cars parked at the scenic viewpoint, so it wasn’t crowded (yet). Again, weather wasn’t very ideal and it was even super windy, blowing sand all over the place. We took a moment to take a few photos and admire the views before heading onwards.


Next up was Pfeiffer State Beach– at first, we had trouble finding the entrance, to the point we had to stop at one of the pit stops to ask the store cashier where it was. We soon found the *super small* entrance (seriously, you could blink and miss it!) and made the two-mile drive through the wooded pathway to parking. After paying $12 USD for parking (decent if you plan to stay all day), we made the walk to the start of Pfeiffer State Beach.

What makes Pfeiffer State Beach distinctive is its purple sand, caused by magnesium deposits. There were several large rocks that gave way to the tides, and they made for some incredible photos by the shores. If it hadn’t been so windy and bone-chilling cold when we were there, we would’ve stayed longer to enjoy the beauty of it. Alas, we wanted to get back and warm up, as well as maximize time with our visit of Big Sur.


More of Big Sur coming soon. Stay tuned! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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