Destination: Cambria, California (2022 Edition)

It’d been nearly seven years since I last went to Cambria, and I’d been dying to return for the longest time. A small, seaside town tucked away along the central coast of California, Cambria has a special place in my heart. I’d been going there since I was a teenager, and there’s something about the area that makes me so nostalgic for simpler times. It also holds bittersweet memories, as I often think about my mom, who sadly passed away two and a half years ago and had loved coming here. That said, I decided to return to Cambria during my birthday weekend, and it was a much-needed trip.

We checked into our hotel, our base for the next two nights. I’d booked a hotel right by the boardwalk and ocean, and we happened to get partial views of the sea from our room. After dropping off our belongings, we wasted no time heading out for our traditional walk along the planks. It was a foggy, overcast afternoon, but it became sunny and blue skies the following afternoon, which was much-appreciated.

20220327_142933On the boardwalk

20220327_144004Views for days…

Besides the boardwalk and taking in the natural, rugged beauty of the coast, we also ate at our old haunts in town, including Main Street Grill. We got it on our first night, and our to-go order (every time we go) is “The Pig,” a pulled pork sandwich that’s stacked with meat inside an uber-buttery bun. We also got some ribs to go along with it, all including baked beans and garlic bread. Very affordable, too, and so much food!

20220326_181029Main Street Grill for dinner

Our second night, we ate at Indigo Moon, and that was my birthday dinner of sorts. Four courses, two glasses of wine, and a $177 tab later, and it was one of the best birthday meals I’ve had in a long time. The rack of lamb was cooked perfectly medium-rare, the Cabernet was smooth like velvet, and the key lime pie in the end was tart and decadent. Definitely will go back again and again!

20220327_171559Rack of lamb

20220327_181234Key lime pie

Cambria is my happy place, and I was so overjoyed to have been able to return this year. I intend on returning more frequently from now on, so we’ll have to see. Thanks for reading, and more of my adventures to come soon! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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