I Went On A Date…

…in over two years.

I went on a date this past weekend (via online dating)– in person. I hadn’t gone out on a proper date in over two years; the last time I went out was February 2020, just a month before the pandemic hit the US and hell broke loose. And although I have been going out with family and friends since getting vaccinated, it was still a bit strange to be going out on a date, especially with a complete stranger.

All the same, it was a brief, but pleasant date. We got brunch and coffee at a cute cafe halfway between our respective cities and had good conversation. The date lasted perhaps no longer than an hour and a half, and although I came away from it knowing that I didn’t see it going anywhere, it was nice just getting out and meeting people again. Particularly those whom I don’t know nor are close to.

This date also made me realize just how important it is not to have expectations going into it. Or rather, having some expectations, but not going to the extreme that you end up disappointed in the end. Based on my date’s profile and the conversations we had, I had a feeling that it most-likely wouldn’t go anywhere, but by keeping an open mind and having reality confirm that, it really helped me relax and enjoy myself during the actual date. I think this past date, along with the few dozen I had pre-pandemic, has allowed me to really be myself, to loosen up, and just have fun!

Even though I don’t expect a relationship from the date I had, I still had a pleasant time. All the while, revisiting a part of my city that I was interested in. And I know that, even if this didn’t work out, that I am still young and still discovering myself and my connections to others. Even if it’ll take a lifetime to find someone, I know that I am comfortable with being by myself, enjoying myself, to love the life I’m living here. ❤

Here are a few photos from my outing. Enjoy! 🙂




— The Finicky Cynic

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2 thoughts on “I Went On A Date…

    1. rebbit7

      Honestly, not much. Before, I used to overthink and overanalyze how the date went, but after dating a good handful of times, I’ve learned not to really think about it afterwards, especially if it didn’t go anywhere. Thanks for reading!

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