Happy Birthday, Mom

Today (November 10th) is my mom’s birthday. She would’ve been 61 on this day. Sadly, she had passed away almost two years ago due to metastatic cancer. Although it has been almost two years, I still tear up whenever I think of her. My family and I had visited her grave this past weekend to pay our respects. I hope she’s at peace and happy in Heaven, and I know that one day, we’ll join her there, too.

Happy birthday, Mama. I miss you every day. ❤

— The Finicky Cynic

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5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom

  1. Birthday wishes even after death is a very heartful moment . Very heart-touching . You are a son/daughter of unique zeal and character . I appreciate your love and affection for your mother . Never think on this that you have to follow her one day . This is not human . Your lovely mother has send you here in this world to do something unique and human . Do services to the needy and live a long life . Your blog is nice and lovely . Thanks !

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