I Got My COVID Booster Shot

What COVID Booster Shots Can and Can't Do | The New Yorker
Source: The New Yorker

Today, I got my COVID booster shot (specifically, Moderna in the US). It’d been over six months since my last dose in April, and I qualified for the booster due to the fact that I work in the food and agricultural sector (although my actual job is far from that, but apparently, I’m part of it…). I took half the day off from work to go get it at my local pharmacy, and the process was quick and easy– honestly, all I showed was my vaccination card (for them to write on), and that was it!

Like all vaccines, it hurt when the nurse stuck the needle in. And within a minute or two, my entire arm– from the local spot down to my fingertips– hurt quite bad. It scared me for a moment, but within 10-15 minutes, it stopped. I believe it was just my body’s reaction to a potent vaccine, and I’ll have to see if I feel any other side effects over this weekend.

As it was so easy to get the vaccine (and appointment), I think many booster sites are just taking anyone who wants the booster shot. It doesn’t look like there’s a strict enforcement going on as to whether you meet the requirements (e.g. elderly population, those who are immunocompromised, food/agricultural workers, etc). I encourage people to sign up and get the booster once your six months are up. Hopefully, with more people fully-vaccinated (and boosted), we can continue to resume complete normalcy sooner than later.

Onward and upward!

— The Finicky Cynic

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4 thoughts on “I Got My COVID Booster Shot

  1. Well done for showing the way! I have already received an invitation from my Canadian health centre, but unfortunately in France the conditions of access are a bit more restrictive at the moment, this will not last. Enjoy your vaccinated weekend.

    1. rebbit7

      Does this mean you’d have to go back to Canada to get the booster, and France is making it difficult to return for that? Hopefully, this weekend will be okay!

  2. I received my first two doses (Pfizer) back in April after my employer made arrangements for their workers. I’m hoping it’ll be the same situation for the booster, but if not, I’ll look for another place where it can be obtained. Just gotta remember to bring my vaccination card with me (it’s affixed to my refrigerator at the moment so that I won’t lose it).

    1. rebbit7

      I don’t think my job is giving us time off to do it this time (or if so, it’s too early). Regardless, I’m glad to have gotten it soon! Looks like we might need to continue receiving boosters every half year or so, but it’s not too far off from getting the flu shot annually.

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