Back From Vacation!


I came home this past weekend, after a short, one-week vacation. This was the first time I’ve properly traveled since 2019, and I’m really glad that it finally happened. It was just a domestic trip, specifically a road trip through three US states: Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. I went with my dad, and together, we drove over 1500 miles/2400 kilometers in a week, visiting a bunch of national parks and hiking in them. Aside from a few disappointed cancellations (i.e. Antelope Canyon, Cedar Breaks) and short instances of snow (in October!), overall it was a solid time of adventuring outside of town, outside of the state.

I plan to share my adventures on this blog in the upcoming weeks, so look out for them. Until then, it’s back to work until my next big vacation– we shall see! šŸ™‚

— The Finicky Cynic

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