On Vacation…

Howdy, folks!

It’s a long time coming, but after over two years of COVID-19 and uncertainty, I’m going on my first trip outside of my state! I’d spent the previous year at home, with the occasional jaunt to another part of my home state, but this time, it’ll be an extended road trip outside of home. You cannot imagine just how ecstatic I am to be doing this!

I won’t be revealing exactly where I’m going to, but I hope to share my adventures with you in due course. I will be back next week with a new post, but until then, I’ll be enjoying this freedom and exploring the place I’m in. Thanks for reading; have a good day! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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2 thoughts on “On Vacation…

  1. It’s as if the world has shrunk, despite the progress we still can’t go to many places easily. But I understand the enthusiasm to finally be able to enlarge the horizon. Enjoy safely!

    1. rebbit7

      Exactly! Even though I’m limited to international travel based specific countries’ criteria (and time), I’m glad to be getting out of my house, even out of state, for a few days! I’ll be back at the week’s end!

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