A Weekend in Los Angeles– MALIBU (PART 2)

Last time I visited Malibu, it was in July 2020, just a few months after the pandemic swept the world up in panic. Despite lockdown measures, the first visit to this coastal town in northwest Los Angeles was no easy feat, as my dad and I braved a 90+ minute trip through city traffic, as well as finding parking along PCH. We’d also gone in the summer, so of course, school was out and families were out enjoying the sunny weather. Although it’d been a pleasant getaway, we didn’t get to see everything in Malibu, due to time constraints and long distances.

However, we decided to revisit just this past weekend, after almost a year later. What made this trip different was the fact we went in May, when school was still in session. We also woke up earlier than before to head out, and it also happened to be a drizzly, cloudy day– with less people incentivized to go out.

Not to say that it was deserted in Malibu, as there were still cars and limited parking– my dad and I ended up parking on the side of PCH at each stop and walking about 0.5-1 mile to our intended destination. The other option would’ve been to pay for parking on site, but we weren’t keen on paying a ridiculous $15-20 for a short stay. No, thank you.

We revisited El Matador Beach, my favorite spot in Malibu. Plenty of large, craggy rocks with peepholes to get views of the rolling waves, and the wooden stairs leading down to the beach offer lovely views of the crashing waves and coastline from above. Can’t get tired of this place at all.


Our second stop was at Point Dume, a natural preserve at the tip of a peninsula. It’s advertised as a 1.4-mile hike, but it’s more of a stroll than a hike. Yes, there’s a bit of an uphill and a sandy-uneven path, but it’s not hard at all. And the views of the cliffs and Malibu’s beaches at the top are iconic.


Finally, we checked out Malibu Pier. We’d stopped only for a minute last year just for a photo of the pier, but we didn’t alight to actually stroll on the pier itself. This time, we parked and got off to check it out. Besides taking the walk along the wooden planks (filled with restaurants and gift shops), I also went underneath to get close to the crashing waters. The sun even came out for a brief moment, thus making for some lovely blue skies!

Overall, it was another brief day in Malibu. Given that we live so far from it, we didn’t want to stay too long in fear of catching traffic on the way back later in the day. But we got to see new spots– Point Dume and Malibu Pier– this time around, and I’d say it was a solid, weekend getaway. If you’re able to go early, park a bit farther from the entrances, and keep a flexible schedule, I think you’ll be able to enjoy Malibu in its fullest. ❤

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!


— The Finicky Cynic

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3 thoughts on “A Weekend in Los Angeles– MALIBU (PART 2)

  1. Great location! I already mentioned it, sorry to repeat myself, my best memory of Malibu is the Getty Museum. I’ve been there on two of my stays, and I’d love to go back. Plus, the parking was free, all you had to do was call to make a reservation, that’s not true anymore, sadly.

    1. rebbit7

      The Getty Museum (and Villa) are gorgeous spots in LA. I’m glad you enjoyed them; it’s been years since I last visited, and I hope to return once they reopen. Thanks for dropping by!

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