I’m Fully Vaccinated!

Countries in the Americas notified of first COVID-19 vaccine allocations  through COVAX - PAHO/WHO | Pan American Health Organization
Source: PAHO.

As of last week, I am fully vaccinated for COVID-19!

I had qualified since the end of February due to my job, but it wasn’t until late March that I signed up to get my first dose. I got it at a drive-thru mega POD (point of distribution) about 40 minutes from my home (still within the Los Angeles area) in the early afternoon on the weekend. It was a quick procedure, as not everyone was eligible at that time to get it, so the lines to get in were quick, and I honestly was in and out before my scheduled appointment.

I stayed in my car as I waited for the volunteers to come by to give the vaccine card and administer the dose. It was a bit awkward getting the shot, as I’m left-handed and wanted to get it on my right arm, so being in the driver’s seat, I actually had to get out of the car for the nurse to stick me with the drug. Then it was a matter of waiting 15 minutes to ensure no adverse side effects before I could go home.

The effects of the first dose happened fairly quickly, within three hours or so after getting it. My arm was sore at first, but then it got to the point that I couldn’t even lift it up without it being painful. I’d heard from others that it was “nothing but a sore arm,” but honestly, it felt more than “just sore.” I did also get a headache the next afternoon, but I just attributed it to drinking too much coffee and within 36-48 hours, the arm pain and headache went away. It wasn’t that bad.

Second dose happened last week. The appointment had actually gotten rescheduled to a weekday, and I had to take time off from work to go get the shot. Thankfully, the same mega POD wasn’t far from work (15 minutes). By this time, the COVID-19 vaccine had been made eligible to everyone 16+ years old, so the drive-thru lines were pretty long; it took about 20 minutes after my appointment to get my second dose. But it was an efficient procedure, not disorganized at all, and I do thank the volunteers working hard at such sites. Again, I got the dose on my right arm– this time, I just twisted in the driver’s seat as the nurse stuck it through the opened car window. Another 15 minutes of idleness to ensure no adverse side effects, and I was on my way home.

The effects of the second dose actually turned out to be milder than the first– in fact, the first felt more severe, and it wasn’t even that bad. Considering that I’d heard stories from my peers of getting fevers, nausea, and chills, I was so nervous about getting them, too. Strangely, however, I barely got any symptoms: aside from feeling very warm under the blankets while sleeping at night, as well as a tender arm (not painful) and maybe the slightest bit of skin tingles, i.e. chills, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. It’s funny, because I was waiting for hours for the effects to kick in, only to not get much at all. But I’m not complaining!

That said, I’m done here. Hopefully, the vaccine will help prevent another pandemic from happening. Even if we were to catch COVID, at least being vaccinated would make it a lot more bearable and easier to recover from it. Whether you believe in getting vaccinated or not, that’s up to you, but here’s to hopefully a “new normal” as the rest of the year goes on.

— The Finicky Cynic

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2 thoughts on “I’m Fully Vaccinated!

  1. Thank you for your testimony, it helps to reassure those who are worried and to encourage those who hesitate. It is up to each of us to do our part when we are lucky enough to have access to vaccines.

    1. rebbit7

      Yes, I wrote this post to spread awareness for the COVID vaccine, as well as provide my personal experience getting it. I hope things look up once the majority of people are vaccinated!

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