28 Lessons in 28 Years

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Hey, folks!

Today’s my birthday, and this year, I am 28 years old. I’ve comfortably settled into my late twenties and one step closer to 30, which greatly shocks me; it still feels like just a couple of years ago, when I was 24 and still in Europe/traveling a ton before the pandemic and a career switch happened. All the same, I’m glad that I’ve come this far on my journey through adulthood, and it’s incredible to believe that it’s been a decade of being a full-fledged adult– come this summer, it’ll also be 10 years since I graduated high school, which boggles my mind!

That said, I’d like to dedicate this post to a few lessons I learned throughout my 28 years on this Earth. I hope some of these resonate with you, whether younger or older, and I intend for more learning to be had as I continue getting older day-by-day. Let me know some lessons you’ve learned throughout your years– any insight is welcome!

Without further ado, here are the lessons:

28 Lessons in 28 Years

1. You never know when the day could be your last.

2. Online dating is not for me.

3. Solid, healthy relationships come out of friendships.

4. Don’t date just to be with someone.

5. Never put anyone on a pedestal.

6. Politics bring out the worst in people.

7. Activism comes from action, not social media.

8. Driving is no joke. Constant vigilance!

9. You can still have a social life during the pandemic.

10. Less tolerance for alcohol = less tolerance for hangovers.

11. Know when to draw the line.

12. Interrupting is SO ANNOYING.

13. Don’t judge others before you really get to know them.

14. Don’t let the past hold you back.

15. Shut off social media every once in a while.

16. Sitting all day will lead to back problems.

17. Cheat days are less-frequent, but satisfying all the same.

18. Talking to yourself does not make you crazy.

19. Be yourself, and the right people will come to you.

20. Going cold turkey for a while teaches you about moderation.

21. Read more, stay smart.

22. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

23. Customer service is one of the hardest jobs out there.

24. Maturity is a choice.

25. Acknowledge those who take the time and effort to be with you.

26. Always be kind to people. Always.

27. Glow-ups are pretty damn amazing.

28. Despite the dark times, it’s still a beautiful world.

Thanks for reading! As I write this while enjoying a cup of coffee (and eventually a glass of wine), I wish you all a great day and a safe one, too! Here’s to more of my twenties– cheers! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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