Happy Lunar New Year 2021!

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PS I’d written this post the weekend prior to the news that’d occurred over the weekend, i.e. hate crime against Asian-Americans in the US, particularly the elderly. I find myself both repulsed and fearful, especially as I’m also part of the APA community. The perpetrators who’d committed such acts are despicable and cowardly, and the excuse that it’s the “Asians” who’d created COVID-19 and spread it worldwide is unacceptable. While coronavirus did originate in China, it’s the idiots all over the world, not just the Chinese population, who were recklessly spreading it, and caused this long-term pandemic. If anything, this Lunar New Year is all the more-important to us, to show that we still stand and are strong despite the hate, and that we all will get through this together.

Happy Lunar New Year / 新年快樂!

It’s the Year of the Ox this year, particularly the Metal Ox based on the different elements that rotate every couple of years. Just like horoscopes in Western culture, those in Chinese culture offers predictions of what to expect in the new year; although I find them very generic and usually take them with a grain of salt, it’s still fun to see what’s in store for the upcoming year.

For instance, the Year of the Ox will yield success in the workplace. Especially for those who work hard, they will be rewarded for their efforts, whether monetary or with a promotion. Generally, 2021 promises stability in health, love, and finances, so it’s considered a good time to deliberate and plan accordingly to ensure that one remains grounded moving forward with the year.

In addition, there are horoscopes for the Year of the Ox depending on your birth year and which animal corresponds with it. I was born in the Year of the Rooster, so my horoscope is a bit different from the general Ox one. Apparently, 2021 is going to be one of regaining power and authority in myself, as well as notable changes in my career, i.e. gain notice in business partners. That I will have financial stability between May and August, and to be mindful of possible quick changes towards the end of the year that require swift, yet solid decisions in order to hold onto my finances.

Relationship and health-wise, the Rooster is expected to find love in July and requires a conscious effort maintain a healthy relationship with whomever they’re with. There will be trouble towards the end of the year, but by communicating effectively and being enthusiastic, the love can flourish. There will be some stumbling blocks with health in the spring due to work stress and anxiety, but by being mindful of them can the Rooster get a hold of their health, physically and mentally.

Again, I don’t necessarily 100% believe in all of these predictions for my zodiac sign in this particular year, but at the same time, I take them into consideration should fate end up as such. Otherwise, I will have to see just how this new Chinese year pans out, and I’ll enjoy the ride as I can!

Happy Chinese New Year once more, and have a good day! 🙂

Sources: Chinese Horoscope 2021 – Year of the Metal Ox

Year of the Rooster – 2021 Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast

— The Finicky Cynic

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