The Captain’s Quiz (21-01-2021)

Howdy, folks.

Yesterday, Paul from The Captain’s Speech posted the first installment of “The Captain’s Quiz,” a new, interactive “quiz” to engage bloggers in the community. I found his questions really neat, and I’m giving it a go in this post. Thanks for starting this, Paul! 🙂

Here we go!

The First Ten

1. In the movie, Space Jam, Daffy Duck sneaks into Michael Jordan’s house to pick up his lucky basketball shorts. What animated character would you trust with your personal belongings and why?

Definitely Tommy Pickles from Rugrats. He’s a fearless leader, but most importantly fiercely-loyal to his band of baby friends. I would trust him to keep everything I have safe, even if it means stuffing it inside the diaper (unsanitary, I know, but that’s true friendship, I know)!

2. What is the chorus of your favorite song?

“‘Cause it’s you and me
And all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to lose
And it’s you and me
And all of the people
And I don’t know why
I can’t keep my eyes off of you.” (not naming the song, because you didn’t specify in the question. Gotta guess!)

3. Complete the sentence: I wish I could __.

“…be like the cool kids” (dum dum dum~)

4. The singer, Meat Loaf, said he would do anything for love, but he won’t do that. In general, what are three things you won’t do?

1) Eat intestines again. Just…no thank you. 2) Take edibles (I’d rather not trip out anymore), and 3) Lower my self-worth for people who wouldn’t give me the time of day.

5. What is the worst thing about pockets?

Many are too shallow (at least, for women’s pockets). You can’t hold a lot of items, and you’re constantly afraid your phone/keys/etc. will slip out while in motion.

6. Should I be concerned about your most recent Google search?

Nope. Honestly, the last Google search was something pertaining to answering one of the questions (no cheating, I swear)! 😉

7. If there was an eighth day of the week, what would it be called, and where would you place it amongst the other seven?

I’d call it “Odinsday” (to keep in harmony with the other Norse-inspired days of the week), and I’d place it between Wednesday and Thursday, as means of making that hump day of the week all the more-arduous. Because after all, “Odin” is the god of war (aka pain). Sado-machochist, much?

8. When you look in the mirror, what do you see behind you?

The wall.

9. You can have dinner with any three people in the world, but you must dine at a fast-food restaurant. Who are you bringing and what does each person (including yourself) order off the menu?

1) One of my closest coworkers, who will order a DIY burrito with lots of rice and chicken inside. Skip the tomatoes. 2) Sara Bareilles, my idol singer, who will demand to order muffins, even if the place doesn’t offer muffins, and 3) My dad, who will opt for a simple beef and chicken fajita (can you tell that this is at a Chipotle?).

…and I will order a DIY burrito, too, with tons of rice, sofrito, and guac (yes, I’m being extra by paying extra for the guac!).

10. Think of a word (in English) and create a new, alternate spelling for it. What is the new word you have created?

“Imaginate” (v.) the action of imagining a reality, but stronger than simply “imagine.” Like, you really want the reality to be real…if that makes any sense.

Bonus Questions (because why not?)

1.. On a sheet of paper, draw your happy place. Do not include words or numbers. You have 60 seconds to do this. Share the picture in your blog post.

Not my finest work, but guess where this is??

2. Text someone, “Knock Knock”. What is their reply?

…nothing. Texted to a friend, and no response! Very apropos for someone who’s busy (and isn’t at home!). 😀

3. In your place of residence, pick up a book and turn to Page 50. What is the third sentence on that page and how does it relate to your life?

“Really?” Lindsay looks me right in the eye, looks at me so hard I twist in my seat.” — Gravity by Leanne Lieberman

Since the narrator is female, it confirms just how gay I am. XD

Hope I did well, Paul!

— The Finicky Cynic

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6 thoughts on “The Captain’s Quiz (21-01-2021)

  1. Very well done! I love that song from #2. Also, very impressive drawing! I am now obligated to ask you what the drawing is. (This will make more sense next week)

      1. Currently “marking” it now! Can I get some confirmation as to what your drawing is? I know what I think it is, but I need to hear it from you lol

      2. rebbit7

        It’s a drawing of a bedroom (sans bed, didn’t have time), with its window looking out to the Eiffel Tower!

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