Happy Holidays 2020!

Hey, folks!

This post is just to check in and wish you all a happy holidays at home. I have the day off from home today, as well as a lovely three-day weekend to look forward to. Despite the craziness of what’s been going on in the world this year, rest assured that things will look up and that there are always loved ones to make you feel right at home during this time of year.

Here’s a photo of the massive Christmas tree my work has displayed. Enjoy your day! 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays 2020!

  1. Can we not finally accept that life is a rollercoaster, this year being only an episode, it is up to us individually and collectively to deal with it. Enjoy the long weekend and come back to us with more ideas for interesting posts 😉

    1. rebbit7

      Life really is a rollercoaster. Parts of it are outside of our control, but it’s the parts that we can control (e.g. mentality) that make it bearable, even pleasurable. Thanks for the thoughts, and more is to come soon!

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