It’s My Mom’s Birthday Today

28 best Mother's Day gifts 2020
Source: NBC News

My mom’s birthday is today, November 10th. Sadly, she passed away last December, and she would’ve been 60 years old today. My dad, sister, and I had gone this past weekend to see her grave in honor of her date of birth, and we plan to do something for her tomorrow, considering that today’s still a work week and tomorrow happens to be Veteran’s Day and a day off from work for all of us. My mom loved sweets when she was alive, and I intend on purchasing a few desserts (doughnuts, in particular) to eat for her sake (although I do like doughnuts, too, don’t get me wrong…).

Happy birthday, 媽媽. I miss you every day. ❤

— The Finicky Cynic

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