Thoughts on Celebration and Death

Living in the Shadows in Prince Edward Island: Pray for Me
Source: Living in the Shadows in Prince Edward Island

This past weekend, I experienced both celebration and death. I’m making a clear distinction between the two, as I know that some cultures do combine the two to celebrate the life of someone who’s since passed. In my situation, however, both are separate entities, as I celebrated the milestone of one family member, while also grieving the death of another.

Let’s start with the celebratory milestone. This week is my dad’s birthday, and we celebrated it over the weekend. I got him some delicious donuts, a hearty poké lunch, and a new wallet to make his day. I wanted to spend a bit more on him this time around, not only because I finally have a stable job that allows me that, but also the fact that he’s gone through a ton of hardship this past year (e.g. health problems, family deaths), and I wanted to give him a day where he’s treated right for all of his hard work and sacrifice to others around him. It was a food-filled weekend, but a good one regardless.

While I celebrated joy this weekend, I also experienced sadness. Namely, I attended funeral services for my grandfather, who unfortunately passed away last month. He passed away due to COVID-19, which was unexpected and completely devastating. Granted, he was 97 years old when he passed (an incredible feat for any elderly individual out there), but it’s terrible that he had to die like this: from a virus and not of natural causes.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions still in place, we only had immediate family members– only six of us– perform a viewing of his embalmed body before he was sent off for cremation and later place his ashes in an urn inside his designated slot in the chapel. While I wasn’t super close with my grandfather when he was alive, I did love him and I knew that he loved me. May he rest in peace. ❤

This past weekend was quite the rollercoaster of events, as well as of highs and lows. It goes to show just how crazy this year has been, with plenty of not-so-great events with smaller, happier ones in between. This weekend showed me that there’s a lot of sadness in this world, but also a lot of good things to come out of it. I find that it’s important to embrace it all, the living and the dead, of birth and death, and to always find meaning to one’s life, even if it may seem that there isn’t any. Keep moving on, find satisfaction in the little things, and never taken anything for granted– before it’s too late.

Thanks for reading, all, and stay safe. You are loved. ❤

— The Finicky Cynic

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