Wine Tasting #10: French Mauzac

It’d been quite some time since I last had white wine; the last couple of weeks of wine tasting were reserved for reds, and I was in a need of a change. Not to say that I dislike red wine, but I was keen on having other kinds of wines out there…

In any case, I opted to try this particular white wine for the week. Hailing from France (specifically the southwest region), this Mauzac was something that I’d never heard of before, but was open to giving it a go.

Princesse Joyeuse (France), Mauzac (2017)

Now, I had my qualms about trying this wine out. It wasn’t because I hadn’t tried Mauzac before, but rather the label, “Princesse Joyeuse,” which was color and flowery in its design. Perhaps it’s a form of discrimination, but often when I see labels that are colorful in their advertising, I question the authenticity and taste of the wine itself.

All the same, I went ahead with the uncorking and tasting. The smell surprised me with a sweet, almost honey-like aroma. Upon pouring it into my sample cup, I found the color to be a light-ish amber gold. The taste was sweet, which reminded me of dessert wines, and I was actually impressed with it all.

My ratings:

  • Smell: 4/5 (sweet, practically like honey)
  • Color: 3.5/5 (light, golden hue)
  • Dry level: 1.5/5 (very sweet, no doubt)
  • Aftertaste: 3.5/5 (smooth, soft, nectar notes)

Overall rating: 4/5

I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this white wine. Besides having no idea what a Mauzac was beforehand, as well as my hesitation to try it with a superfluous label, I can say Princesse Joyeuse was an underdog in my wine tastings so far, and I’m glad it introduced me to Mauzac– I’d love to try more of it in the future!

Thanks for reading, and more wine tastings will come soon!

— The Finicky Cynic

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