Wine Tasting #9: Chilean Merlot

Hey, folks!

Another week means another wine tasting. This week features another Merlot, this time from Chile. Having two red wines in a row isn’t my usual pattern (as I often prefer switching it up between red, whites, and rosés for my palate), but in any case, I went ahead and did so.

Here’s what I got:

Pajarito (Chile), Merlot (2019)

The smell of the wine was strong and surprising, as I got bold hints of pepper, smoke, and even a bit of fruity plum. Even the color was a nice, deep rich red, and I was excited to try out this bold Merlot. Yet, despite the promising smell and color, the aftertaste still felt weak to me.

My ratings:

  • Smell: 3.5/5 (pepper, smoky, slight hint of plum)
  • Color: 4/5 (deep, dark and full-bodied red)
  • Dry level: 3.5/5 (fairly dry, but not excessively so)
  • Aftertaste: 3/5 (smooth, with a slight smokiness to it)

Overall rating: 3/5

In essence, Chile’s Merlot is easy to drink, but it’s not very memorable. Maybe it’s just my personal taste, but I prefer strong, bold flavors in my wine that I can drink on its own (and not necessarily with a meal). Perhaps that’s the case with this particular wine, but in any case, I’ll keep trying with future wines in store.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll have more wine tastings soon!

— The Finicky Cynic

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