Wine Tasting #7: Australian Chardonnay

Welcome to another week of wine tasting while under quarantine! Although restrictions are continuing to loosen little-by-little every single day, it’s still a precarious situation out there, which is why I still opt to stay home as much as possible.

Here’s this week’s feature:

Laughing Bird (Australia), Chardonnay (2018)

I admit, I was very apprehensive about opening this bottle, not only because I had a not-so-great tasting last week, but also it came as a screw-top, i.e. no bueno if a vineyard wants to be a reputable source. Any case, I opened it up and got cracking with the tasting.

First smell wasn’t very promising, as it was incredibly sharp, almost spirit-like, with a very tiny hint of citrus notes, perhaps pineapple. It certainly didn’t whet my appetite for tasting it, but upon first sip, I didn’t find it too bad.

My ratings:

  • Smell: 2.5/5 (very sharp, acidic, slight citrus)
  • Color: 3/5 (medium color, as it should be with Chardonnay)
  • Dry level: 4/5 (weirdly on the sweeter side of things)
  • Aftertaste: 3/5 (very sharp, but mellowed into pineapple notes)

Overall rating: 3/5

All in all, not as bad as I’d originally thought. Certainly not the best I’ve had, but not the worst. It definitely has a strong kick in smell and taste, so be warned. Definitely not an easy wine to pair with for a meal, as it’s more so for pure tasting.

Thanks for reading! More to come soon.

— The Finicky Cynic

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