Wine Tasting #4 & #5: Spanish Sauvignon blanc & French Merlot

Greetings, folks!

I didn’t write about wine tasting last week, just because I had other posts I wanted to write about. However, I did wine taste (as well as this week), so I’ll catch you up-to-date with what I had, as well as if I liked them or not.

Technically, where I live (Los Angeles) the quarantine situation has been *partially* lifted, with beaches and a few areas that’d opened up this past week, but otherwise, the mayor has extended lock-down until July. So until then, I’m still considered quarantine, and I’ll continue to make these weekly postings!

Without further ado, let’s start with the first wine tasting from last week:

Marques Turia (Spain), Sauvignon Blanc (2017)


I enjoy white wine, often more so than red wine. However, I was not at all pleased with this particular Sauvignon blanc from Spain. Upon popping the cork, I was hit with an unpleasant, slightly-plastic smell that turned me off tremendously. What was even more strange was that it came with a slightly-fruity after smell, with the subtle notes of apple.

Taste wasn’t the greatest: it was sharp and acidic, which I usually don’t mind, but again, it came with the plastic, apple taste that I wasn’t fond of at all. If anything, it reminded me of a flat, soured cider. I’m not a huge cider fan to begin with, so that was a reason why I didn’t care for it at all. Any case, the ratings:

  • Smell: 2.5/5 (plastic-like and oddly fruity like apples)
  • Color: 4/5 (a nice, amber golden color)
  • Dry level: 4/5 (definitely sweet, no doubt)
  • Aftertaste: 2/5 (sharp and acidic with apple notes)

Overall rating: 2/5

I personally did not enjoy the Sauvignon blanc at all. It had the subtle taste of cider, but without the bubbles and character, just flat. It smelled weird and tasted weird, and I’m glad to be rid of it sooner than later.

…now on to the next wine-tasting:


Georges Vigouroux (France), Merlot (2018)


I’ll be honest and say that I’ve been enjoying the red wines more than the whites in my wine-tasting journey so far. This is weird, because I don’t consider myself a red-wine kind of person. But this particular one from France has confirmed my love for the deep-ruby alcoholic beverage.

Once uncorked, the Merlot gave off a sharp, peppery smell that surprised me, but in a good way. Upon pouring and tasting it, I was pleasantly happy at how bold, even spicy, it was. Similar to the Australian Shiraz I had two week prior, the French Merlot didn’t shy away from being strong, which is what I personally like from any type of wine.

My ratings:

  • Smell: 4.5/5 (strong, peppery with a hint of spicy)
  • Color: 3.5/5 (dark, but not as dark as I’d imagine in a Merlot)
  • Dry level: 1.5/5 (definitely dry, yet I could still distinguish a hint of sweetness)
  • Aftertaste: 4/5 (bold and peppery finish)

Overall rating: 4.5/5

This has been one of the best wines I’ve tasted so far, next to the Australian Shiraz. I guess it’s due to my personal taste, as I love a wine with flavors that hit me over the head in smell and taste. I’m not one for subtlety, and I’m happy that the French Merlot impressed me. Right on!


…thanks for reading, and more of this series to come soon. Until then!


— The Finicky Cynic

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