Things I’ve Been Doing While in Quarantine

It has been almost a month since I began self-quarantine (yay, COVID-19), and so far, it has been quite interesting. Not to say that it’s been so eventful, but rather uneventful in the sense that it has, in fact, become eventful.

…okay, that didn’t make any sense.

What I’m trying to is that it has been really weird being at home for 99.9% of the time for nearly a month (the other 0.01% is to step outside for a second to unload groceries for my dad, or to practice driving on the *almost empty* freeway). Even for a huge homebody like me, I’ve found it so boring to the point that it’s almost comical. I pretty much spend my days online, with the occasional break for eating meals and using the bathroom. That, and sleep and exercise.

So what have I really been doing for a month in quarantine? I thought I’d list some of the things I’ve done so far– some are mundane, others are a bit out there. Anything to keep me safe, really! Here they are:

Things I’ve Been Doing While in Quarantine

  • Take Vitamin C and D supplements, because I don’t eat enough oranges and get enough sunlight, respectively.
  • Subject myself to every Noah Centineo film on Netflix.
  • Drink more alcohol (even bought a 15-bottle pack on sale. Thanks, Groupon).
  • Go on a couple of online dates (Skype, WhatsApp, and Zoom have been awesome).
  • Spring clean my room– never has my desk and drawers been as clean as it had before.
  • Procrastinate on my book-keeping courses, which will expire this September.
  • Apply to jobs that will most-likely not get back to me until the pandemic is over.
  • Subscribe and binge watch YouTube comedians.
  • Get my full 11-12 hours of sleep each night.
  • Practice driving the freeways (and hoping not to get caught by the cops for being out).
  • Read and re-read favorite Reddit posts. Heck, reading a lot of Reddit in general.
  • Write more on this blog.


What have YOU done in quarantine so far? Let me know!


— The Finicky Cynic

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6 thoughts on “Things I’ve Been Doing While in Quarantine

  1. Gardening, build my sons climbing frame, go to work, clean the house, watch all the Marvel films, watch all the Dark Knight films, make a start on Disney in order, listen to music, eat lots, go for an hour walk when possible…

  2. Working and trying to stay in shape. Riding my bike trainer and running at the park on Saturdays. But most importantly – trying to master the handstand in 30 days and blogging about it weekly. I’m in week 3 and I’m getting a bit worried that I won’t meet my goal. We will see. Oh and I’ve been enjoying wine 🍷.

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