I Got Laid Off… (COVID-19 Update)

Hey, folks.

Last week, I got laid off from my job. I had been working at the airport and, due to less and less flights coming in every day, companies have been laying off lots of airport workers as a result. Airlines, baggage claim, customer service…everyone is being affected.

I specifically work in customer service at a relatively-large account. At first, I was noticing that our hours were being reduced, from the typical six to seven-hour shifts five days a week to three or four hours three times a week. Sometimes, we were sent home early, just because we didn’t need a lot of workers on-staff to man the area. As a result, many of my co-workers (myself included) were frustrated and mad, for we were being short-changed on the hours, yet still jeopardizing our health by working with passengers from all over the world, many of whom probably were carrying COVID-19.

Although I hadn’t known it, last Sunday was my final day of work. It was a quiet shift, as we didn’t have many flights nor passengers come in. It was the following day that I saw my work account was locked and, after contacting HR about it, I was informed that I would receive an email concerning the status of my employment soon. Fast-forward a day later, and I received the sad news that I, along with 90% of my co-workers, were being laid off due to COVID-19.

Now, I had the feeling that this would happen sooner than later, as I had noticed other of my co-workers were gone while I was still working– I guess they had been laid off earlier. Same went for many airlines, as they had laid off all of their workers, too. My account actually tried to keep afloat for us, which actually surprised me.

In any case, though, I was laid off, and I was asked to go into the office to collect my last paychecks, as well as turn in my company’s badge. The paychecks were surprisingly generous, as they included the most hours I’ve worked so far, as well as paid-time off that I’d taken during the last week of March.

I admit, I was sad when I got the news. Even though I knew it was going to happen, I still cried about it. Not only because I wouldn’t have a job, but also there were still some co-workers they kept to continue working at the airport, some of them who don’t deserve to based on their work ethic and attitude.

I found all of this unfair until I talked to another co-worker who had also been laid off: he told me that those who still are working aren’t doing any better, as they can only come in once a week for four hours total to work. His words made me feel better, because it actually was better that I got laid off, instead of having to continue working for so few hours that it would be pointless (as well as continuing to jeopardize my health in public).

Even if I am laid off, I’m not too sad about it. Not only because I can stay at home and be safe from COVID-19, but also the fact that my company informed us that we could possibly return to work after this pandemic subsides. So in a sense, this is only a temporary lay-off, and I suppose that I can enjoy this time at home catching up on sleep, working on my blog, and staying healthy. Granted, I will miss some of the cool airport workers I met while working, but I will also not miss some of my co-workers who were absolutely insufferable. It’s a bunch of mixed feelings, but for the sake of being in good health, this is a good trade-off in the long run.

Perhaps I will be writing more on this blog, now that I have a lot more free time on my hands for it. I cannot guarantee that I will be posting more, but now I have more of a reason to. I also hope to take this prolonged time off from work to get back into projects that I had neglected since starting work (e.g. running, spring cleaning, bookkeeping courses…). And later on, I can file for unemployment benefits. We shall see!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you are all staying safe out there from this pandemic. We shall get through this! 🙂


— The Finicky Cynic

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12 thoughts on “I Got Laid Off… (COVID-19 Update)

  1. I can definitely sympathize with you, FC. I still feel the sadness of seeing my position eliminated at a previous place of work two years ago. And while I have lined up work that will (hopefully) begin next month, I’m still fearful that the temp position I’m in now will end suddenly, even though management has still kept me on during this time of uneasiness.

    Definitely take in some self-care during this time. I admit I haven’t done so much in that realm, unless you count not stepping outside and trying to avoid the news self-care (I don’t). As an old supervisor of mine reminded me, things happen for a reason. Hopefully you will be able to either reclaim this job, find new work, and do something you’re happy doing. Above all, stay safe and healthy. Best of luck to you.

    1. rebbit7

      Yes, I agree with you. I was unemployed for a bit last fall, and I still remember how devastated I felt. As if I was a failure despite my credentials and experiences. But I am more confident in myself now, as I know this is only a temporary loss and that there’s a chance to go back to work once this all clears.

      Self-care is definitely important. I have plenty of time to do that, and I try to do it every day. I hope you can carve out time in your schedule to do so, as well as stay healthy and calm despite these troubling times. Keep on keeping on, Allison!

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