Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2020!

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Source: Family Education.

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day, an Irish-origin holiday that has perpetrated much of the Western world with its folklore roots and modern-day excuse for drinking ’til you drop. It’s the day to wear green and feast/drink merry with your friends, as it is all about camaraderie on this special March holiday.

I have the day off today from work, and I will just spend the day resting at home. I had bought a pack of Guinness beer over the weekend, so I’ll gladly consume a pint (or two) of the delicious concoction. Guinness is actually one of the very-few beers which I enjoy, so why not toast to that?

Wishing you all a pleasant Saint Patty’s Day, and a wonderful day overall! 🙂


— The Finicky Cynic

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