Pi Day 2020!

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Today is Pi Day, aka “3.14.” It marks the celebration of the mathematical symbol π, often used for calculating circular objects. Hence why people celebrate this day with round foods, including pie (a play-on word for the symbol itself).

Celebrating Pi Day has been a tradition for me since high school. My school used to make a huge celebration/charity drive in which various campus clubs sold different types of pie. From the classic apple to the Southern pecan, we had all sorts of the circular, pastry dessert to choose from. Of course, we also had pie-eating challenges and a Pi-memory contest in which the winner would recite the most numerals from the ever-ending π.

As I got older, I began celebrating Pi Day by myself. Most of the time, it was quite low-key, as I merely bought a round dessert (e.g. tart, brownie, pie) after work to enjoy at home. Nothing much to it, but still in the same spirit.

I actually have the day off on Pi Day this year, and I think I’ll celebrate it with friends and family. Perhaps lunch/dessert with my friends before buying a pie to take home to my family. As it falls on a Saturday this year, I hope the rest of you also have the day off to have fun and acknowledge Pi Day fully. Enjoy yourself! 🙂


— The Finicky Cynic

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2 thoughts on “Pi Day 2020!

    1. rebbit7

      It’s a lot of fun! Pi Day has been a personal tradition since I was in high school, so celebrating it brings back memories, too. 😊

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