Lost and Found– Part 17 (prose)

Suddenly, the servant girl stopped as they were walking, squeezed her hand tightly and before Lydia knew what was happening, pulled them off the marked path and behind one of the trees nearby.

“Wha—,” she started, caught off-guard. Jasmine pressed her against the tree trunk, looking straight into her eyes with an urgent expression. An expression of wanting. Lydia’s heart immediately began to beat faster, and she felt her face gradually heat up.

Jasmine tucked back a strand of loose hair behind her ear; her fingertips lightly graced the edge of her jaw, and she felt her insides tingle.

“You look adorable when you blush,” Jasmine murmured, her voice low. It caused Lydia to redden even more.

“Can’t help it when I’m with you,” she responded, her voice cracking a bit.

The servant girl giggled, her fingers now grazing her shoulders and the back of the neck. Lydia saw her swallow, somewhat nervously, before she spoke again.

“Did that take you by surprise?” she asked, her eyes gazing at her in what Lydia saw was a mixture of pleasure and doubt. She nodded, but smiled to show she was fine with it.

“I suppose I’m new to this—this way of being with someone,” Jasmine said quietly. Lydia lowered her head until they touched foreheads.

“This is new for me, too,” she responded gently. She hesitated a bit. “But I want to try this with you.”

The servant girl’s hand went to cup her left cheek, cradling it gently. Lydia could sense that she was trying to find her words—she was just as nervous being around her as she was with her.

“Um…” Jasmine started. “We don’t have much time before Hannah catches up. Did you…want to—?”

Lydia placed her hands on Jasmine’s hips, gently drawing her in. She leaned against the tree for stability.

“Course I do. You initiated after all, didn’t you?” she responded, giving a small teasing smile.

“You have a point,” Jasmine laughed softly, as her other hand went to cup the other cheek. After looking into her solemn eyes, she leaned in and gave her a small peck on the lips. Although brief, it was enough to stir something in Lydia. She drew the servant girl in closer, deepening the kiss. Jasmine moaned softly, and she felt the familiar throbbing between her legs once again.

The two girls gasped between kisses, both wanting to explore more of each other while keeping it as quiet as possible in the woods. Jasmine’s tongue slipped gently into her mouth, her small hands traveling from her cheeks down to her breasts. She rubbed them tenderly, and Lydia had to stifle the groan from escaping her throat as she felt the arousal intensify even more.

“Damn it,” Lydia cursed, breathing heavily as the servant girl slowly pulled down the top of her dress halfway until her torso was exposed. Jasmine cupped her breasts, secured with a bra, and kissed the cleavage. The throbbing between her legs was becoming pleasurably unbearable.

“I’m in love with your body,” she said between sighs. Her lips traveled to her abdomen, and Lydia’s muscles contracted at the touch. “You’re so strong, but so gentle at the same time…”

All of a sudden, the muscles inside her core spasmed. Lydia shuddered, gasping at her body’s reaction. She removed her hands from her hips to grab the tree trunk to steady herself. The spasms subsided, leaving her breathless.

The servant girl stopped, looking up confused.

“Are you all right, Lydia?” her eyes went from lustful to concerned.

“Yeah…yeah, I’m fine,” she replied, still somewhat shaken from what had just happened. “I—I guess I really got into it. Well, my body did, at least…” She looked down at her dress, where the pleated part was.

Jasmine’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Did—did you…?”

“Um, I guess I did,” Lydia blushed deeply, embarrassed at herself.

The servant girl looked equally as embarrassed, but nevertheless pressed her body against her bare torso, hugging her understandingly.

“Guess I really do like you, huh?” Lydia asked, smiling a bit. Jasmine laughed in agreement.

“Hey!” the two sprang apart. Hannah’s voice came from just a few meters away. “Where are you girls? Couldn’t have been that behind…” she muttered as her footsteps grew closer and closer.

Jasmine looked at Lydia, who was still half-naked, with a shocked, slightly-panicked expression on her face.

“I got a bit too carried away, did I?” the servant girl giggled, stroking her bare, broad shoulder. Lydia grinned sheepishly, relaxing her body.

“Yeah, but I liked every minute of it.”

The servant girl leaned in and stole a quick kiss. She pulled apart from her and went out to join Hannah as she hastily put her dress back on, smoothing her hair before joining the two.

“Hey, cousin,” she greeted Hannah as nonchalantly as possible. Her cousin had a small bundle of acorns in her hands, apparently having collected them on the walk. She gave a lookover at Lydia, her eyes squinting slightly, as if trying to find anything suspicious with her.

“You two waited for me here?” she asked, the tone interrogative. The two girls nodded innocently.

“Yeah, you were really behind, so we waited for you to catch up,” Lydia replied. She hoped Hannah couldn’t sense that her heart was beating rapidly from what she and Jasmine had just did.

“Exactly, we kept ourselves distracted,” Jasmine chirped in. Hannah arched an eyebrow, her blue eyes going back-and-forth between the two girls, who were standing well-apart from each other. Then she smiled, shrugging her shoulders.

“Okay, thanks for waiting. Well, we’re almost in town, so let’s stay close. Wouldn’t want another distraction happening anytime soon…,” Hannah whispered the last part to Lydia, nudging her teasingly as they set off. Lydia winced embarrassingly, knowing that she had an idea what went on with her and Jasmine, who was walking just a step ahead of them.

“You’ll have to spill the details when we get home later today,” her cousin said in hushed tones, grinning widely. Lydia groaned.

“There’s nothing to spill.”

“…oh, I’m pretty sure there’s a lot to spill. Thanks to Jasmine’s, erm, doing,” Hannah emphasized the last part, snickering silently so as not to let Jasmine hear their conversation.

“You’re disgusting,” Lydia thumped her hard on the shoulder. Hannah winced, rubbing the area.

“No, just curious,” Hannah retorted playfully. Lydia rolled her eyes, her face flushed thinking about what she and Jasmine had just done as they headed out of the woods, and into the entrance of town.

…to be continued…


— The Finicky Cynic

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