Lost and Found– Part 14 (prose)

Sunlight poured through the undraped window, having forgotten to be closed the night before. Lydia was the first to wake up. Squinting from the bright light, she turned to face Jasmine, who hadn’t moved since last night. Tentatively, she got up, making sure not to wake the small girl as she headed to the bathroom to freshen up.

Jasmine was still lying in bed when she returned. The servant girl opened her eyes, noticing the empty space next to her before propping herself on an elbow to see Lydia awake, standing in the room.

“Good morning,” Jasmine smiled, her large eyes crinkling ever so slightly around the edges.

“’Morning,” she responded shyly. She sat on the edge of the bed, as Jasmine raised herself up—the servant girl placed a hand on her shoulder while giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“Slept well?” Lydia asked. Jasmine nodded.

“Perfectly when I’m with you,” she responded coyly, and Lydia felt her face flush.

“You’re cute when you blush,” the servant girl teased gently, pulling back a strand of hair from her face. Her hands cupped her face, as they gently turned her around. Jasmine brought her lips to hers, and she lost herself once more in the warm, soft exchange.

Perhaps she was still feeling euphoric from last night, or maybe because she was still half-asleep. In either case, Lydia wrapped her arms around Jasmine’s neck to pull her closer, deepening the kiss. The servant girl’s tongue lightly traced the outline of her bottom lip, which emitted a small moan from Lydia. Emboldened, she pushed Jasmine back onto the bed.

The servant girl lay on the mattress, her pupils dilated as if daring her to take her. She hesitated, but quickly made up her mind as she slowly lowered herself, feeling Jasmine’s small breasts on hers as she kissed her tenderly.

The heat pooled between Lydia’s legs once more as Jasmine slid her hands under her shirt, tugging gently at the seams. Somewhat self-consciously, she pulled the shirt over her head, removing it to expose her lanky torso. Her stomach clenched as she felt Jasmine’s small hands over them, and the sensation between her legs throbbed even more.

“You’re so beautiful,” Jasmine whispered. Lydia smiled, shaking her head.

“No, I’m too skinny. My aunt says I need more meat on my bones…”

“Don’t judge yourself. You’re thin, but you’re strong. After all, you carry all of those potatoes, right?”

Lydia laughed softly, staring deeply into her large, brown eyes.

“Well, I guess I’m used to it,” she responded as Jasmine squeezed her long, wiry arms. Taking one of her hands, the servant girl guided it down her under gown, just to where her core was. Startled, Lydia instinctively pulled back, feeling nervous and uncomfortable.

“Are you okay?” Jasmine asked, concerned. Lydia turned away, her face burning.

“Yes…no, um…well, did you want me to, to…touch it?” She immediately winced how foolish it sounded.

The servant girl nodded.

“Yes, I do…but only if you’re comfortable?”

“I—I don’t know. Yet. I’ve…never done this before, with a girl. Even with a boy. I don’t want to mess this up, because I really like you…”

Jasmine placed a soft hand on her bare shoulder, comforting her.

“It’s all right, Lydia. Maybe I was moving too fast, too soon. I didn’t know you hadn’t done this before. With a pretty face like yours, I would’ve thought you’d have all the boys at your feet, wanting to be with you…”

“Nope, not at all,” Lydia lowered her face, blushing furiously. Jasmine brought her chin up, looking into her hooded, grey eyes. She gently kissed her mouth.

“Look, I want to do it with you. I know it’s selfish of me, but I also understand if you don’t want to. I want you to be happy, so if you’re happy without it, I will respect that…”

“…no, but—but I want to. Just that I don’t know how. And I don’t know if I’m ready yet…”

The servant girl placed a hand on her cheek, caressing it.

“When the time comes, just let me know,” she smiled reassuringly. Lydia nodded timidly, feeling somewhat better.

A knock came at the door. The two girls sprang up. There was another knock.

“It’s Hannah!” her cousin’s voice came from behind the door. “You girls awake?”

“Yes!” Lydia called out, jumping from the bed and hastily putting her shirt on as she made her way to the door, opening it.

Hannah stood in the doorway, still in her pajamas but her hair combed and pulled into a loose ponytail. Lydia could tell she’d already been up for an hour or more. She caught a whiff of something cooking in the kitchen.

“It’s a bit late, but I made breakfast. You girls want to join?”

Lydia turned to look at Jasmine. The servant girl was still on the bed—from their exchange, she saw that her hair was tussled, and one of the straps on her under gown was slightly off her shoulder. Hannah peered over to see Jasmine—whether or not she suspected that they did something last night, her face didn’t show it. Instead, her cousin grinned widely and gave a boisterous “good morning, Jasmine.” The servant girl responded with a small, friendly wave.

“So you still up for it?” Hannah asked again. Lydia turned to look at her cousin again.

“Sure, in about five minutes.”

“Yes, sounds good to me,” Jasmine chirped behind her.

“Great! I’ll be in the kitchen,” Hannah beamed. She raised her eyebrows at Lydia, flashing her a knowing glance before she headed downstairs. Lydia groaned inwardly. So she knows, she thought. Nevertheless, she shook her hand, heading out to get ready for the day.


…to be continued…

— The Finicky Cynic

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