The TMI Travel Tag

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Just recently, I was perusing through a few blogs when I came across this old gem by The Lilac Scrapbook. Written by British freelance writer Katy, this “TMI Travel Tag” is right up my alley, for I really love to travel, and I would like to share some of my experiences I’ve had (yes, including the details!). Shall we begin?

The TMI Travel Tag

1. What was the last country you visited?

Image result for paris
Source: The Telegraph.

France. Technically, I was living there for the past four years due to work, but I also had plenty of opportunities to travel to different regions within the country. Lovely place!

2. How many countries have you visited? 

As of this year (2019), I’ve visited 52 countries. And there’s no stopping me anytime soon!

3. What is your favorite place on the planet, that you’ve been to?

Image result for romania bran castle
Source: Get Your Guide.

That’s a very hard question. Off the top of my head, one of my favorites would have to be Romania: absolutely beautiful country in landscapes and architecture, surprisingly friendly locals, and delicious, hearty food for cheap! I would go back in a heartbeat. ❤

4. What is your favorite place in your home country? 

Image result for multnomah falls
Source: Map Roadtrippers.

The Pacific Northwest. Gorgeous greenery everywhere, fresh and chilled weather, and a calming atmosphere that’s a great respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

5. If you could board a plane now, where would you go? 

Image result for kiev views
Source: Culture Trip.

To my 53rd country! I would really like to visit the Ukraine, because of its blend of Orthodox and Stalinist architecture (a cool juxtaposition), hearty and inexpensive cuisine, and a vast area of land to explore any possibilities while in the country.

6. What’s your cup of tea- tropical island getaway, snowy ski break or city exploring trips?

City-exploring trips. I’m very much an urban gal, and I like having lots of things to do every day. Tropical island getaways and snowy ski breaks are nice, but they’re a bit too slow and one-dimensional for my liking, respectively.

7. What are your top 3 hand luggage must-haves? 

Lotion, journal, and napkins. My skin tends to get really dry while traveling, so lotion is a must. I like to document my travels by-hand, which requires a journal (with a pen, of course). And napkins/tissues are super important, as they can be used to blow your nose, wipe sweat while hiking, or for the toilet– they’re versatile!

8. Any travel tips to share? 

Plan ahead: you wouldn’t believe just how much easier it is to have an idea of how to get to and from airports, transportation to hotels, cost estimations, etc. Not to say you have to plan down to the minute of what will happen, but getting the logistics out of the way will make the travel experience smoother than not.

9. Most embarrassing moment abroad? 

Oof…not proud of this, but being unable to hold my bladder after a night out of drinking in Paris and having to relieve myself in the bushes on the walk back to my accommodation at 4 am. *cringe*

10. Biggest disappointment? 

Image result for stonehenge
Source: Viator.

Stonehenge. It cost over 17 euros for the ticket, and upon arriving at the site, it was literally a pile of random rocks. We also couldn’t step inside the site, because the soil’s extremely fragile, so we could only view it from afar. You’re better off saving the money and looking up photos online!

11. Nicest surprise? 

Image result for mostar
Source: Viator.

I have a few, but Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina) was a lovely surprise when I took a day trip there from Split. I had little knowledge of the city, let alone the country, but I was blown away by its beauty, from the Stari Most to the colorful bazaars in town. Not to forget food and souvenirs were cheap! Would love to go back and have more time to visit.

12. Three places at the top of the travel bucket list. 

Image result for oman
Source: Deccan Chronicle.

Hong Kong, Oman, and Argentina.

13. Favorite food discovery.

Arancini in Italy. They’re essentially lightly-fried rice balls with meat or cheese filling. They might look small, but they’re absolutely dense and delicious! I could eat them any day of the week, if I could.

14. Why do you travel? 

To expand my world viewpoints, to learn about different cultures, and to meet people with different perspectives and life experiences. It’s learning outside of the classroom, and it’s definitely a fulfilling one.

15. What three things would you take travelling, if you could? 

Exercise equipment, my bed, and my best friends. I like to work out and, even if I do a lot of walking and hiking when I’m away, I would also like to continue my daily regimen of weight-lifting and stretching when I’m at home– that’s why bringing dumbbells and foam rollers would be nice!

I find beds anywhere (hotels, hostels, Airbnbs) to never have the right consistency as my own at home– plus, I like the familiarity of its smell and body fitting in my bed!

If my friends were fun-sized, I could just pack them up and take them with me wherever I go. One of them has never set foot outside the U.S., and I would like to give her the experience to go overseas. Plus, I’m comfortable with them, and we can get into crazy shenanigans no matter where in the world!

16. Have you picked up any phrases from travelling? 

Yes, although they’ve only been limited to “hello” and “thank you” in the country’s respective tongue.

17. What two places would you not go back to and why? 

I don’t think there are any places which I wouldn’t choose to return to some day. No place is a “one-time trip,” and I’m open to going back if the opportunity arises!

18. Your dream travel companion.

My future significant other, wherever they are…

19. Most surreal travel moment.

Image result for auvers sur oise wheat field
Source: TripAdvisor.

Standing in the golden wheat fields of Auvers-sur-Oise (France) where Vincent van Gogh had reportedly committed suicide. The field was vast and calm, both eerie and peaceful at the same time with its symbolism of death and insignificance in the world.

20. Three people you would like to see do this tag.

I’m opening this tag up to anyone who wants to do it! I’d love to see your answers, so link it to me!


Thanks for reading, and take care!

— The Finicky Cynic

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