9/11: Never Forget

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Source: WGME.

Today marks the 18th anniversary since the September 11 attacks in the United States. Every year, Americans pay tribute to the nearly 3000 lives lost in the terrorist attacks, whether by making a trip to memorial sites for loved ones or taking a moment of silence at school or at work to remember those who sacrificed their lives to save the majority.

While it’s commonly-known that the main attack was centered in New York City with the Twin Towers, we also must not forget those in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Instigated by Al-Qaeda, such attacks have since fueled the war on terrorism, which has been a contested issue that has reshaped the idea of patriotism and xenophobia in the United States.

I was in elementary school when the attacks happened. Compared with older Millennials in my generation (the oldest being in high school and college at that point), I was too young to really see the depth of the issue, although I have recollections of the war on Iraq starting the following year as a response to such events. Just a couple of days ago, I read online that, beginning next year, no one of high school age will have been born to experience the 9/11 attacks (i.e. those born in 2002- onward), which is absolutely insane to me. I suppose it’s similar to the fact that we’re already in an era where very-few WWII and Holocaust survivors are still alive, but still…crazy how time flies.

If you know or had a close friend, relative, or loved one who was a victim of the 9/11 attacks, definitely pay tribute to them. Never take those close to you for granted, and always cherish each time spent with them as if it would be your last. Not an easy feat, but if it can be done for most of your time on this Earth, it’s all that matters.

Wishing you a humble (and safe) day. Take care.


— The Finicky Cynic

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