Happy 2019!

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It’s finally 2019!

What a year 2018 has been…from the bad to the good, I found this past year to be quite the roller-coaster compared to previous years. But I’ve survived, though, and I’m ready to tackle 2019!

Looking back, I found 2018 to be one of the harder years in my adulthood so far. Not to say that it was completely egregious, but I did find it to have more ups and downs than I’d anticipated. I experienced both plenty of good moments (in travel, new friendships, and more wisdom) and the not-so-good (at work, my mental health, and French society). It was a constant fluctuation of one to the other, and I would say that I still haven’t quite resolved everything that I would’ve liked.

I think it’s the “quarter-life crisis” that has affected me this past year. When it’d appeared that I had my life together (e.g. a job, a flat, a life abroad), self-doubt and anxiety about getting older and a career change surfaced, thereby throwing me off the mentally-stable train. Not to say that I went crazy, but I was definitely experiencing many bouts of unhappiness, which I would say has *somewhat* affected my work and interpersonal relationships. Still trying to recover, although it’s going to take a while– at this rate, I’ll have to continue dealing well into 2019.

2018 hadn’t been easy. But while there have been negative aspects of it, this isn’t to say that there hadn’t been good moments, too. As I wrote, I got to travel a lot, just as much as I’d done in 2016 (if not more). I got to meet a lot of new, cool people, becoming more outgoing and comfortable in public. I became more in-tune with myself, knowing my boundaries, my desires, and overall feeling more wiser to deal with life’s challenges. 2018 was when I really started to feel like adult, as I filed taxes, paid rent, and re-prioritized my needs.

While there’s still much more learning ahead, I can hope that I’ll find happiness this year, along with a career (after my contract ends in August) and a purpose in life, however vague that sounds. After all, each year is all about continual growth, and it’s the process of getting there that’ll make the end result all the more rewarding.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you a wonderful 2019!

— The Finicky Cynic

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