Taking a Break (on vacation again!)


Yes, it’s that time of year again…even though I just came back from my October holidays barely two weeks ago, I am once again heading out to travel!

Basically, I had two weeks of work after returning from my week-long vacation in October, which went by rather quickly. I just finished giving my final exams last week, which I’ve since graded, and now I’m done with this semester. Granted, it’s been a lot of work, but generally-speaking, it’s been smoother, and I’m glad to have survived it.

As I had done last year during my first year of teaching English at the university, I have over two months off, which is much-appreciated. Last year, I took advantage of it by traveling all over Europe, to countries like Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and even France (where I’m currently based for work). Likewise, I plan to travel during my *long* time off this year: I have already reserved my flights/hostels/places to go to this time around, and I can’t wait!

By the time you’re reading this post, I’ll already be traveling to some place in Europe (won’t tell you where it is precisely, but soon enough!). After that, I’ll actually be returning to the U.S. for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, which is a first for me after several years. That said, I’ll be on a hiatus (once more) in order to focus on traveling and whatnot.

As it goes, I’ll be taking a break from blogging…whether it’ll be for a month or two, rest assured that I’ll be back to recount the adventures I’ll have done since then! Thanks for your patience, and I wish you a happy winter holiday (and bon voyage!). 🙂

— The Finicky Cynic

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