Woman Crush Saturday: Paloma Renee


Welcome to this month’s “Woman Crush” issue, in which I feature my current female celebrity crush. This month is none other than Paloma Renee (or Paloma Palau), who is a YouTuber, comedian, lesbian, and polyglot (seriously, she speaks Chinese!).

Image result for paloma palau
Source: Twitter.

I first came across her through an interview with Andrew Hale, in which she discussed her bipolar disorder. I found it really brave of her to speak about such a taboo issue (particularly anything when it comes to mental health), and I was immediately attracted to her honesty, articulateness, and ability to smile and laugh through the pain.

Image result for paloma renee
Source: Grapevine Logic.

Despite having demons, Paloma seems like a really sweet person– very bubbly and full of life. She also writes poetry, which is the icing on the cake: I love deep, pensive people, so having poetic talent is all the more attractive! Plus, I’m a sucker for dark-haired, lipstick-wearing women, and Paloma is definitely my type (too bad she’s already taken!).

Image result for paloma renee
Source: ViYouTube.

Give Paloma some love, will you? Enjoy your weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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