Bars or House Parties? (my experiences)

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Especially if you’re of drinking age (which varies depending on country), then you’ve probably had your fair share of consuming an adult beverage in a variety of settings. From bars to clubs to house parties, you’ve probably done them all.

However, just which one trumps them all (subjectively, of course)? Granted, it can be hard to choose, as each setting has a different atmosphere to them for different occasions. With bars, it’s for meeting up with friends, all the while being open to meeting new people– it’s also often associated with club life, as many tend to have the right amount of intoxication to head out for more adventure.

On the other hand, house parties (or, to a chiller degree, kick-backs) are more of an intimate affair, taking place at someone’s flat with a smaller group of people, many who might be your friends. There may or may not be music, but in any case, the vibe is less stimulating, more tranquil, and it offers inexpensive drinks as provided by the guests who brought them.

From my experiences trying a bit of everything, I can say that I’m more of a house party type of person than a bar one. It’s due to several reasons, one of which being my personality: I’m normally an introverted person, and I don’t really like being around much noise, let alone people whom I don’t know. I usually wouldn’t go out of my way to go to bars, unless it’s with friends (and in hopes that I don’t run into my students, who are of drinking age, too).

I also don’t really like the bar setting, as they’re usually small establishments and, when packed over the weekend, make it impossible to move from place to place. Many of them aren’t very sanitary, especially the bathrooms– as someone with a tiny bladder, I would prefer that the toilet wasn’t filled with the previous person’s piss or, ideally, no vomit. It also tends to be dim and loud, which makes it difficult to see, let alone hear, the person you’re conversing with. Also, I don’t really like spending more money on pints for five times the price of what you can get at the supermarket in bulk. 

Not to say that I dislike bars period, but they aren’t my preferred place to have a drink and/or meet friends. True, there are a couple of bars which are much more laid-back and quieter which I like, but otherwise, I need to mentally prepare myself for whatever the night takes me out in town.

As I wrote about house parties, they’re more of what I’m comfortable with. Again, it’s usually with people whom I know, most of the time with friends, and the alcoholic selection choices are more varied. At bars, it’s usually beer (which I don’t love), but at house parties, there are other options like wine, cocktails, spirits (if one dares…) that I can enjoy more. Plus, it’s much cheaper, as you don’t have to spend so much on booze: just bring a bottle and enjoy sharing it with others!

That said, when it comes to bars or house parties, it really depends on your personality, the situation you’re in, and so forth. There’s a lot to consider, so it’s a matter of trying them out in the beginning before knowing which you prefer.

Are you more of a bar or house party person? Let me know!

— The Finicky Cynic

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3 thoughts on “Bars or House Parties? (my experiences)

  1. thetravelforks

    For me, I’d prefer house parties too bcos you get to walk around and talk to people mostly your friends without yelling at each other. I feel like it is more personal than bar parties 🙂

    1. rebbit7

      Yes, exactly! I tend to have a soft voice, so I have to basically scream whenever I want to talk at bars. That makes house parties much less stressful to talk and more intimate.

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