50 Days of Blogging! (and personal reflections)


As of yesterday (October 14), it marks the 50th day that I’ve been consistently posting on WordPress! While to some it might not seem like such a long time (let alone a huge deal), for me it is.

Granted, I usually tend to post daily, and I especially would go for long periods of daily blogging back in 2015 and 2016. That was when I had the time and inspiration to blog every day, as I seldom ran out of things to talk about from day to day. Engagement was at an all-time high, and I found myself enjoying interacting with dozens of bloggers– newcomers and veterans– on this blogging website.

However, starting sometime in 2017, I started to lose a bit of steam. In other words, I changed jobs, moved to a different region of France (besides the fact I was living abroad), and subsequently got busier with life. Besides the situational transition, I was also noticing changes in myself: while I’d been fresher and more free as an early twenties gal a couple of years back, I started to feel the pull of actual adulthood sink in, as I ventured into my mid-twenties. Responsibilities started piling up (work, bills, immigration docs) and priorities shifted.

Essentially, I started changing myself. Not necessarily to fit in with the crowd (I’m over that), but rather to be the best version of myself– if I were to reflection on who I currently am decades down the line, I wanted it to be a good image. That meant knowing myself more, i.e. trying new things, but knowing my limits, and overall be more mature. I’ve always considered myself pretty mature, but now it seemed all the more evident that I wanted to be.

In any case, due to these big changes in life, I started to put aside other things I used to preoccupy myself with for others. First to go was poetry: to be honest, I haven’t written anything poem-related for months now, perhaps even over a year. It’s kind of sad, because I used to be so inspired that I’d crank out poems once a month– now, I’d be lucky if I get inspired one day to do so.

Second was blogging: not to say that I stopped writing (as you can see now, I haven’t), but I admit that I’ve sort of lost the spark that’d driven me to blog daily back in 2015-2016. Yes, I still blog daily for the most part, although I’d say that beginning late 2017 up until this point, I’ve had plenty of sporadic hiatuses on this blog, due to travel or otherwise being overwhelmed with work. There have been so many posts about “Taking a Break” or “Off on Vacation” I’ve written, all just to say that I’ll be off for a week, two weeks, a month, even three months!

As a result of these inconsistencies, my blogging engagement has faltered, and although I know it’s only but statistics, I still feel insecure about it, let alone ashamed that I’m starting to find blogging a chore, rather than a passion. Even the quality of my posts have decreased, as I find a lot of filler posts and ones which I’m not necessarily proud of. On one hand, I’d like to post less, but do quality work, but on the other hand, I’m pressured to continue daily blogging as means of engagement, as I *ashamedly* care about my blog’s statistics– guess some people do, don’t they?

Anyway, this post is turning out to be different than what I’d anticipated. I’d originally thought it would be about celebrating a personal milestone, but then it turned into something darker. Maybe this “50-Day Streak” represents both my statistical achievements in blogging (for a long time) and a check-in with myself to see how I want my blogging career to go from here. Really no idea, but that’s about it with my thoughts.

Thanks for reading this otherwise incoherent rant, and I promise a *more cheerful* post later!

— The Finicky Cynic

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6 thoughts on “50 Days of Blogging! (and personal reflections)

  1. Congrats on getting back into it! 50 days of blogs is amazing! I just wrote 4 for this week since I don’t get much time over the week. Maybe some day I will be able to write more frequently. If you have any suggestions on topics to write about would greatly appreciate it as a new blogger!

    1. rebbit7

      Thanks! Granted, it’s no easy feat to blog daily, but if you’re inspired, it’s worth a go! I tend to have topics I constantly return to each month (e.g. poem analyses, celebrity crushes, favorite songs, etc.), so those ideas could help! Welcome to blogging!

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