Jennifer Hudson– Gone (Song Sunday #12)

Hello! Happy Sunday. 🙂

Today’s “Song Sunday” features the powerful vocals of American R&B singer Jennifer Hudson. Titled “Gone,” it’s a soulful track that speaks of longing for a special someone, in hopes that they won’t leave them.

Granted, this song came out over seven years ago (how time flies!), but even now, I still enjoy it. Hudson is seriously an underrated singer, as her vocals are strong, but at the same time sentimental. Especially when it comes to the subject matter of the song, it highlights just how strongly, yet tenderly, needs the special someone in her life.

While it might not necessarily relate to the song, I can imagine that this song could be about Hudson’s family (particularly her mother, brother, and nephew) who were killed in a shooting in 2008. Especially when such family members are that close to you, it’s no doubt that one would be utterly devastated at the event. Perhaps “Gone” is a memory of that, not just applicable to a lover, but also to loved ones. In any case, it’s a touching R&B track, and I do encourage you to give it a listen!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your day!

— The Finicky Cynic

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