Woman Crush Saturday: Cristal Ramirez

Hello, bloggers!

Welcome to this week’s “Woman Crush” issue, in which I discuss my current female celebrity crush of the month. This October’s is none other than Cristal Ramirez, the lead singer of the all-girl band The Aces.

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Source: Tumblr.

Source: The Aces Official.I first discovered Ramirez (and the Aces) not too long ago, when I stumbled upon one of their songs “Lovin’ is Bible,” and I was instantly hooked. Soon enough, I was bingeing the band’s music, and the more and more I fell in love with them. They’re all very talented, and even more so, it’s great to see close friends make quality music together!

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Source: ANCHR Magazine.

All of the girls are gorgeous, but my bias would have to be Cristal Ramirez. True, she’s the lead singer, but what I like about her is that she just oozes sex appeal in that queer-crush kind of way. In fact, she has stated that she is queer, which just warms my equally-queer heart! ❤ She has this low-key swagger that makes her all the more attractive, and her voice is sweet-like-honey to my ears~~

Image result for cristal ramirez photoshoot
Source: The Aces Official.

Give Ramirez some love, will you? Enjoy your weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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