Top 5 Favorite Pia Mia Songs


If you know anything about me, I’m really into the music that Pia Mia, a pop/R&B artist from Guam, puts out. I recently got into her music this summer, and my love for her voice is still going strong! I’ve also posted a couple of posts on this blog about her, including my “girl crush” on her (post here). It’s a shame that she’s severely underrated– with her looks, dance moves, and overall angelic vocals, she definitely deserves more recognition in the music industry!

Any case, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite songs from her. I highly recommend that you listen to them, and enjoy! 🙂

My 5 Favorite Pia Mia Songs

1. Fill Me In (featuring Austin Mahone).

2. Do It Again (featuring Chris Brown & Tyga).

3. On My Mind.

4. I Got It.

5. Passionfruit (Drake cover).

— The Finicky Cynic

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