The Aces– Lovin’ is Bible (Song Sunday #10)

Happy Sunday, all!

Welcome to this week’s “Song Sunday.” Today’s feature is from the girl group The Aces: titled “Lovin’ is Bible,” it’s a catchy track that expresses the singer’s love for the loved one, all while using religious comparisons in the process.

The thing to note is that, even with the religious comparisons throughout, the song itself isn’t religious. Rather, the singer shows just how she’s in love with the person, with a love as strong as religious conviction. There’s a difference, after all!

Besides the simple, but lovely lyrics, the beat itself is catchy, with a funk element that I can get on-board with. Lead singer Cristal Ramirez’s voice is so smooth, with a peaceful vibrato that can sooth (or seduce) any soul on Earth– goes to show that I have a *low-key* crush on her!

I also enjoy the fact that it’s a girl band, comprising of four best friends from Utah. Especially with the sheer amount of boy bands (some great, others mediocre) today, it’s refreshing to see a girl band take the stage– even better is that the members identify as LGBTQ+ or at least are supportive of the community, which warms my queer heart. ❤

Definitely give this song a listen, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

— The Finicky Cynic

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