Destination: Boulder, Colorado (Part 1)

This past summer was probably one of the more-eventful ones I’d had in a while. Although I was only home for less than two months, I did a lot of traveling within the short frame of time. The first half was adventuring in South America with my family, while the second half was solo-traveling to Colorado for a week to visit an old friend, all the while to explore another state in my home country.

In actuality, my friend and I had discussed my possible visit back in February, as she’d said that she’d be happy to welcome me, should I come to Colorado. Fast-forward to July, and I bought my round-trip to Denver for a week-long visit in the so-called “Rocky Mountain State.” It would be a short, but lovely time, as I got to explore the natural beauty of Colorado and catch up with my friend, whom I hadn’t see in over a year.

I caught an early-morning flight from LA to Denver, arriving close to noon. My friend picked me up from the airport, and we headed to Boulder, about 45 minutes away. After reaching her flat and settling in, we got a late lunch at a nearby Tibetan restaurant. Strange as it sounds, there’s a notable number of Tibetan places in town, and it was my first time trying Tibetan cuisine. I liked it, as it reminded me of a blend between Chinese and Indian cuisine. I greatly enjoyed my late lunch, and with complementary chai to boot!

View from the airplane.
Tibetan food for lunch.
Vegetarian momos.

Following lunch, we headed back to her flat, where I rested for the afternoon, as I had a long morning of traveling. We headed out later in the evening to a nearby town where I met some of my friend’s friends from grad school over Trivia Night at a restaurant-bar. Several rounds and beers later, we managed to get second place! It was a great first day in, and we headed home tired, but content.

Beer and more beer.

The next day, I chilled out in the morning before heading out to explore a bit of Boulder on my own. I headed out to the Red Rocks Trail, about 30-40 minutes on-foot. It wasn’t a very strenuous hike, and I got to see some of the distinctive red rocks on the hill, along with lovely views of Boulder from below. It was peaceful, as there weren’t too many people out and about, and it reminded me of how wonderful hiking really was (with the views, of course!).

Red rocks.
More red rocks.
Views from the Red Rocks Trail.

Nearing lunchtime, I headed all the back way into town. I reached Pearl Street, which is the historic/touristy downtown of Boulder. Much of the architecture is made of red bricks and, with the Rocky Mountains in the backdrop, it was truly a picturesque image. I took a brief stroll down the street, passing by dozens of restaurants, shops, and other touristic attractions before popping into a Mexican restaurant that my friend had recommended me. I ordered some soft-shell tacos, which were just-okay, but did the job of filling me up.

On Pearl Street.
Tacos for lunch.

I met up with my friend on Pearl Street after lunch, and she showed me around the area– we popped into a couple of stores to look around before grabbing gelato at one of her favorite ice cream shops. I admit, the roasted strawberry-coconut and lavender gelato I got were nothing like I had before. Creamy and rich in flavor, I’d say that it was one of the best gelato I’d ever had!


That concluded the first full day in town, but of course, there would be more sightseeing and exploring to follow. More to come in the next post!

— The Finicky Cynic

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3 thoughts on “Destination: Boulder, Colorado (Part 1)

  1. The photos are beautiful and I am salivating to see the food photos especially the momos (love it).
    Unfortunately no Tibetan restaurant in Copenhagen Denmark, but there are several chinese restaurants which serve dumpling (a bit different thought with the Tibetan dumpling).

    The red rock looks great and it seems not too hard to hike there. Love the blog.

    1. rebbit7

      Glad you enjoyed reading the post! Momos are delicious; very similar to Chinese dumplings, although I find momos have more dough and filling, which I love. Hope you can visit Colorado some day; it’s really gorgeous!

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